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A first-rate adaptation of ‘The Time Machine’ at Scena Theatre

Ron Litman is superb as the Professor who travels far into the future of the human race.

Electrifying ‘Elektra’ at Washington National Opera

A stunningly effective mixture of all the elements that make opera worth attending.

‘Lost in the Stars’ finds a stunning production at Annapolis Opera

The strong cast of singers and the relevance of this tale to modern audiences make this musical tragedy a must-see.

Happenstance Theater’s ‘Pocket Moxie’ is a fantastic throwback

Five talented performers give vintage vaudeville routines — from a ventriloquist's dummy to lighthearted songs — new life.

Craig Houk’s near-perfect ‘Brute Farce’ skewers a theater critic

A report on a staged reading of a new comedy that could become a theater-laughs-at-itself classic alongside 'Noises Off.'

Mark Morris goes back to Bacharach in ‘The Look of Love’...

His dance group's newest work is set to the 1960s and '70s hits of pop icon Burt Bacharach.

A bright rainbow tribute to ‘Judy’ from Gay Men’s Chorus of...

Each performer brought their own personal connection to a Garland song.

The trauma of two undocumented teens in powerful ‘Sanctuary City’ at...

A vivid glimpse into the personal costs of living in limbo as a Dreamer.

Landless Theatre’s compact ‘Camelot’ comes with big voices

ENCORE PERFORMANCE: A well-rounded cast of 10 talented actors delights the audience and honors most of the beloved characters and well-known songs.

‘Lion in Winter’ is furiously funny and sublimely staged at Everyman...

It’s a play both timeless and timely, a good old-fashioned family feud, a soap opera with crowns and daggers.

Lynn Nottage’s ‘Intimate Apparel’ is crafted with care at Theater J

An evening that is moving, insightful, and tailored to the play’s strengths.

Washington National Opera stages a solid ‘Il trovatore’ with stellar design

If you are a fan of Verdi, or you enjoy a good tragic opera with plot twists, this one is for you.

Keegan’s reassuring ‘Elegies’ reflects on joy, grief, and gratitude

At their best, William Finn's songs are candid snapshots of something that makes life worth living.

NextStop Theatre does ‘Frankenstein’ with drama and grace

This is 'Frankenstein' as Shelley wrote it: deep, eloquent, and full of poignant themes. It’s an unsettling dive into the human condition that will stay with you.

Brave voices raise consciousness in ‘My Body No Choice’ at Arena...

In the dangerous aftermath of the Dobbs decision, eight survivors of life in a woman’s body come together to tell their stories.

A Latina writer faces race and class inequality in ‘Fade’ at...

Tanya Saracho's play is an enjoyable shock of life that finds friction and connection in two people’s different experiences of Mexican and Mexican-American cultures.

See Bob Bartlett’s ‘Lýkos Ánthrōpos’ if you dare

You are in the middle of nowhere as two lost souls encounter each other.

‘The Till Trilogy’ at Mosaic Theater is beautiful, haunting, and horrifying

Playwright Ifa Bayeza and director Talvin Wilks have given us a jewel of a production.

Rorschach Theatre puts feminist teeth into ‘Dracula’ and it’s bloody good

A script studded with high-stakes sexual politics and a riveting production that will give you chills.

Synetic Theater ‘Dracula’ is an esthetic delight and visually delicious

The entire show flows as one long epic ballet, beautifully crafted and elegantly executed.