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Grief tests Black women’s friendship in ‘Long Time Since Yesterday’ at...

Wrestling with themes of love and sense of self, the entire Howard Players cast surrenders to the story. By WHIT DAVIS

Students share the power of community in new show ‘Buy Black!’...

Voices from the creative team of an original production at Bowie State University about protecting Black businesses. By MALEAH DIGGS

A gift of beauty runs through ‘Bicycle Country’ by Nilo Cruz...

The play takes place in Cuba at a time of deprivation, but director Fatima Quander makes sure that beauty and comfort share center stage. By GREGORY FORD

Masqueraders present prescient 1920 play about robots, at U.S. Naval Academy

'R.U.R.,' a dramatic adaptation of Karel Čapek’s classic sci-fi tale, is a powerful reminder that technological advances can have unintended consequences. By CHARLES GREEN

Jubilant ‘Making the Go-Go Band’ at Georgetown lifts up DC’s own...

Amid dazzling lights and vivacious energy, a new musical featuring GU students and local talents feels delectably cozy. By HAILEY WHARRAM

Tensions wax and wane in Nomadic Theatre’s ‘Betrayal’ at Georgetown

The cast and creative team understand Pinter's play and its logic-defying emotional arc but not often enough to maintain a continuous magnetism. By JACOB CANSLER

In ‘Black Nativity’ at Howard University, new and upcoming talent shines

The legacy of the Theatre Department lives on: The ensemble gave performances worthy of gossip over Sunday dinner. By WHIT DAVIS

A stylish romp in the underworld with ‘Daughters of Leda’ at...

Professionally directed by Shanara Gabrielle and Angelisa Gillyard, American University actors mash up mythologies to a sharply funny and insightful effect. By CAROLINE BOCK

A glorious ‘John Proctor Is the Villain’ from Mask and Bauble...

In Kimberly Belflower's comedy drama, Georgetown students portray the difference between a predator's honor and the meaning of a woman’s life. By SOPHIA HOWES

A daughter helps her father heal from trauma in ‘Our Dirty...

Georgetown Playwright Camila Madero imagines a platform and process that allows her father — an Argentine exile — to talk about his experiences. By GREGORY FORD

Funny and quirky ‘9 to 5: The Musical’ clocks in at...

The tale of office woman power at George Mason University's School of Theater will leave you humming and smiling. By DANA ROBERTS

At American University, a personal ovation for ‘Overture’

An AU alum revisits the new-student showcase she once performed in: 'And it’s still all about angsty college kids’ experiences at the end of the day.' By DANIELLA IGNACIO

At GW, Matthew Shepard’s story passes to the next generation

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of his murder, students at George Washington University stage a new production of 'The Laramie Project.' By D.R. LEWIS

Riveting performances in Theater Lab’s ‘Carrie: The Musical’ at Atlas

Students share the exuberance of their 'musical theater boot camp' experience. By GREGORY FORD

‘Something Rotten!’ scores a hit at Montgomery College Summer Dinner Theatre

Brilliant comic timing and choreography elevate this uproarious production.

‘Together we Go-Go!’: GU announces 2023/24 theater season

DC's native music genre inspires a season of cutting-edge performances by Theater and Performance Studies Program and Black Theatre Ensemble.

Same-sex love gets a ‘Prom’ date at Montgomery College Summer Dinner...

This fun musical about inclusivity resonates today just as when it premiered on Broadway in 2018.

‘You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown’ gets sung in playful concert...

The highly enthusiastic and energetic cast had a blast.

At UMBC, ‘Stories Told Small’ leaves a big impression

Seeing these nine student performers interpret the art form of puppetry is delightfully entertaining.

Theatre Lab’s musical ‘As You Like It’ celebrates power of love

This troupe of students performed like the seasoned professionals they aspire to become.