Introducing ‘Judyisms’ by Judy Stadt on DC Theater Arts

Hello Darlings! My name is Judy Stadt and I am a professional actor, vocalist, playwright, illustrator, jewelry designer … so let’s just call me an artist. So, what am I doing now? Well, I’m the creator, the Producer and the entertaining Host of The Lunch & Judy Show heard on several networks all over the world and I hope you will give it a listen. I’ll be writing a weekly column to give you a “taste” of what Show Business was like when I grew up in the nineteen forties when EVERYTHING that you can see, hear or read about today was different from what it was then. I’m talking EVERYTHING … things, people, ideals, wishes … but especially show business.

judy stadt

When I was a child, the great studio movie stars of the day were our gods, and they were under contract for years and used over and over again acting, singing and their choreographed dancing performed in perfect syncopation dressed in gorgeous Edith Head costumes in the Golden Era of the fabulous movie musicals. I knew at the age of five that I was only interested in one thing: I wanted to be one of them and have a life in Show Business.

Not having a family, even though we (mother, father and me) shared the same four walls, we never talked … I know that is hard to believe … nevertheless as a result of that solitary childhood I was a very observant kid, one of the most necessary things that an entertainer must have, and learned the art of being human by sometimes going to the movies when possible, because there was no television, but mostly and much more “JUDYISMS” by Judy Stadt importantly, by listening to our Radio. The Radio was always on, but it was a very different medium in those days. The airwaves were filled with fabulous shows hosted by fabulous hosts and sponsored by fabulous products. It was a collaboration with one mission … to give YOU the audience the best possible entertainment experience while you were sitting in front of the large, brown, wooden box … the revered family Radio.

I had no voice of my own as a child, and probably because of that the Radio held even more importance to me. I could hear how people handled their lives through the “soap operas” of the day. The Variety shows enlisted the very best and most talented and wonderful comedians and singers of the day … and we’re talking the creme de la creme of Hollywood folks. Well, I did have a life in the theatre and coming up are some of, what I think are funny stories about the experiences that I’ve had.

Hope you enjoy them.

Judy Stadt


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