Coming to The Capital Fringe Festival: ‘Aaaaaagh! Murder!’ by Nick Firer

There’s something lurking in the shadowy halls of Gloomethorne Manor, something sinister, scandalous, and altogether much too silly. Murder most hilarious has come to the home of Lord and Lady Killington in Ad Interim Theatre’s Aaaaaagh! Murder! an outrageous spoof of murders, mysteries, and America’s fascination with, and total ignorance of, all things English.

Originally the brainchild of native Milwaukeeans and founders of Ad Interim Theatre Desiree Gibson and Nick Firer, the play is primarily a loving send-up of all the murder-mysteries the two actors have performed in their hometown and here in Washington D.C.

“Desie and I just wanted to make a wacky murder mystery that parodied the ones both of us have been a part of over the years,” says actor and playwright Nick Firer, “The solution almost never comes from anything you actually see on stage, and I’ve always wanted to play with that.”

The plot centers on the investigation into the graphic murders of the household staff of Gloomethorne Manor, the home of Lord Geoffrey Killington and his wife, Mildred. The murders arouse the interest of an overzealous Sargent Inspector of Homicides by the name of Barnaby Tweed, who bursts onto the scene looking for clues in all the wrong places.

“I love the broad caricatures of all the usual suspects you find in these kinds of show,” says director Desiree Gibson, “It has everything from the doddering old colonel to the vampy heiress; yours truly. There’s even the butler! But I would have to say my favorite part of the whole show was making the fancy hats.”

This written comedy runs about 65 minutes, features the talents of local actors and improvisers Justin Brill, Claire Coyle, Nick Firer, Desiree Gibson, Vic Issitude, and Sean O’conner and is a part of the 2012 Capitol Fringe Festival. It will be performed at Capital Fringe’s The Mountain at Mount Vernon Methodist Church at 900 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington D.C. 20001.

Venue: Mountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church – 900 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC.

Click on the following performances to purchase tickets, buy them online, or by calling (866) 811-4111. You can also purchase them at the door 45 minutes prior to curtain at Fort Fringe – 607 New York Avenue, NW, in Washington D.C. , Mon-Fri 9 AM-9 PM; Sat-Sun, 10 AM-11 PM.

All ticket holders must have Fringe Admission Buttons to obtain entry.


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