Capital Fringe Review: ‘Flight of Fancy (A Steampunk Ballet)’ by Grace Kim

MOVEius Dance’s Flight of Fancy (A Steampunk Ballet) will invigorate your senses with a dance performance set to fourteen indie rock songs. I love dance performances and one that’s billed as an indie-rock ballet? Yes, please!

Kathleen Howard and Michelle Tafel. Photo by Matt Costanza.

The Flight of Fancy story unfolds as dancer Katya Vasilksy (the aviator) discovers a society stifled by structure and rigid expectations–conformity, not freedom of expression, is the norm for these people. The severity of this society are reflected in the dancers’ rigid, monotone, extremely coordinated movements and stern, unsmiling, faces. Further, all of the dancers during this act wear structured black blazers over black unitard leggings in a complete show of non-creativity and boring sameness.

But, as the aviator dances among the suppressed inhabitants of this society, they slowly start rebelling as the aviator inspires them to ignite their creativity and freedom of expression. The dancers begin to embrace the differences among them and change into costumes that are lively and romantic in style, and their faces and movements become smiling and openly expressive. The performers express the transformation scene by dancing with flashlights taped to each thigh, both upper arms, and one on the forehead; sans blazer, the dancers are wearing just the black unitard leggings. As they begin to dance with these flashlights attached to their bodies, the house lights go down and you’re left watching a visually interesting display of lights creating a very cool visual effect. It was stunning to watch the points of light moving around the stage and nicely set to “No Cars Go” by Arcade Fire.

Well choreographed by Kathleen Howard and expertly danced by the professional ballet dancers, Flight of Fancy (A Steampunk Ballet) is a definite ‘Must See’ during the Capital Fringe Festival.


For more information and to purchase tickets, go to our Fringe Preview.



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