Capital Fringe Review: ‘Discharged’ by Jennifer Perry

Discharged, written by Erin Webreck and performed by Kelley Quinn, is a solo-piece, which explores how family pressures and relationships impact one’s life no matter one’s station and personal circumstances. This particular take on a familiar subject is interesting in that the play is comprised of four characters’  (Don – a cop is his late fifties; Catherine – a lawyer in her late twenties; Amelia – a depressive in her mid-twenties; and Hannah – a mother in her late twenties) stories, which are each presented in a single scene. At first glance, they are unrelated, but through blood or other connections, it becomes clear each person has impacted another’s life in one way or another.

Webreck demonstrates considerable talent as a writer and Quinn has a chameleon-like ability to take on different characters with great ease and at the tip of a hat. Quinn is most successful in presenting Amelia’s story (which, incidentally is the strongest component of Webreck’s script) and more than adequately balances Amelia’s ‘on the edge of a cliff condition’ with her clear profound insight on humanity. Webreck allows the four stories to come full circle in the course of 55 minutes with the help of Quinn and her natural and charming stage presence. Both are encouraged to take this piece further and perhaps flesh some of the characters (Don and Catherine, in particular) out a bit more so they are less archetypal. They are definitely on to something.


For further information on and tickets to Discharged, visit the show’s Capital Fringe page.


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