Capital Fringe Festival: ‘Thomas is Titanic’ by Jessica Vaughan

Thomas is Titanic could more accurately be called “Stalking Kate Winslet.” Thomas Choinacky wrote and performed this one-man show about his preoccupation with her and her role in Titanic growing up. Justin Jain directed. Thomas is quite a personality and is fearless to put his childhood obsessions onstage. I think most people at one time or another have built websites or written letters to their favorite stars, watched their favorite movies over and over again, acted out scenes in their underwear, or did an interpretive dance to the soundtrack… (No, you’ve never done any of those?  I don’t believe you). Regardless, I have never met anyone who has been so willing and enthusiastic to put them all onstage.

Unfortunately, it is a brew that doesn’t quite mix. The references to the movie are very funny. The chart of the likelihood that Thomas marries Kate and similar antics are both humorous and embarrassing. And the actual explanation of the death toll and the disaster is somber and tragic. Just as the subject matter is random, its delivery is also eclectic: interpretive dance, a puppet show of the sinking, actual scenes of the movie on a screen behind Thomas, and an actual demonstration of how long you would have to hold your breath to survive. I felt a bit of whiplash from scene to scene that never connected and bounced back and forth between humor, humiliation, and tragedy.

In the end, Choinacky does explain the effect this fantasy world has had on his life and how he has had to step away from them to really be alive, but it is a minor footnote. Ultimately, the strongest part of this piece is the enthusiasm of Thomas who shamelessly goes where most of us will never admit to and you will laugh, whether you really want to or not.


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