The New Musical ‘The First Gentleman’ by David Raimo

From the writer of the hit science fiction parody Galaxy Quest comes an original musical comedy starring Sally Struthers and Robert Torti set for Broadway in 2013.

The show takes place in the not-too-distant future. West Virginia’s senator, Kathryn Noel Cassidy, has just been elected the first female President of the United States. Kathryn, her husband Russell, and 15-year-old son Steven, are transplanted into the White House, and life, as they know it, will never be the same.

David Howard (Book and lyrics (left)), Sally Struthers, and Bret Simmons (Composer) (right). Photo by Bret Simmons.

For Russell and Steven, this is the first time they have ever been given this much attention, especially from the media. Russell is thrust into a world of intense tradition, as he must now fulfill the duties held by the First Lady, such as hosting the Inaugural Tea, choosing dinnerware and attending an assortment of dedication ceremonies and events. Being an outdoorsman from West Virginia who likes to fish and hunt, Russell must find a way to adapt to his new environment, while maintaining his family’s well being in and out of the media’s eye. Steven doesn’t have it any easier. Being a regular 15-year-old kid is difficult enough, then add in a couple of secret service agents constantly tailing you.

Photo courtesy of David Raimo.

The family is faced with a potentially devastating media crisis (caused by their son) and Russell rallies his staff to his aid. With the help of his Chief of Staff, Sally Struthers, they embark on a black-ops mission to recover the leaked materials. Ultimately, each member of the family must choose what is more important: Family or Politics.

With Bret Simmons’ pop score, you will find yourself humming ‘The First Gentleman’s show tunes long after the performance. David Howard’s script and lyrics can only be described as fun, heart-warming and most definitely relevant. All ages can relate to a certain character within the show along with giving audiences a unique view at what life could really be like behind the White House doors.

Sally Struthers – “The First Gentleman is the best new musical I’ve worked on in years – – honest, compelling, and hysterically funny!”

Robert Torti – “I love this!!!! The idea, the Music, everything about it.”

Lee Martino – “The First Gentleman soars with music and a story that’s sure to get your vote!”

Larry Raben – “David Howard’s and Bret Simmons’ newest work, The First Gentleman, is a hilarious fish-out-of-water tale. Both funny and touching with an amazing pop score.”

Emmy Award-winning actress Sally Struthers plays the First Gentleman’s Chief of Staff along with Tony Award nominee Robert Torti in the title role: The First Gentleman. Gerry Mcintyre will be choreographing and is the winner of BroadwayWorld’s 2010 Best Choreographer Award.

The First Gentleman will be starting workshops this fall in October and is using Kickstarter, a social fundraising platform, to raise a portion of the workshop fees. The Kickstarter Campaign offers those who pledge donations exclusive rewards and benefits for backing their project.

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  1. Hi Bob Torti! My sister is Arlene…from Grease San Bernardino CLO and I did South Pacific with your ex-wife at SB CLO. Congratulations! Arlene and I would love see your show. Julie.


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