‘In Spite of Love’ at Gala Hispanic Theatre by Veronique MacCrae

There are many universal truths and ideas that connect persons of all backgrounds together. For instance, the language of music transcends the cultural barriers and obstacles that are encountered through the inability to communicate because of language or social constructs. The sound of laughter is another universal concept that is shared amongst all persons regardless of their differences; laughter is a joy that crosses all borders. Yet the most universal truth that reigns around the world is love. Whether we desire to have it, completely loathe it or fall in the middle, love exists at the core of the human spirit.

This is the theme of the beautifully directed and exceptionally executed production El desden con el desden or In Spite of Love written by Agustin Moreto and directed by Hugo Medrano for the 2012-13 season opener of the Gala Hispanic Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Natalia Miranda-Guzmán and Ignacio García-Bustelo. Photo by Lonnie Tague.

Set in the Palace of the Count of Barcelona, Spain during the 17th century, In Spite of Love takes viewers on a journey of Princess Diana (Natalia Miranda-Guzman), the lovely and unattainable princess who refuses to entertain the idea of being in love and the impassioned Carlos, conde de Urgel (Ignacio Garcia-Bustelo) who decides to play the game of spiting love in order to gain it from the fair-weather princess.

Carlos Castillo and Natalia Miranda-Guzmán. Photo by Lonnie Tague.

A comedic and timeless piece, the characters embrace the concept of love, courtship and all its qualms in a Spanish Golden age classic originally portrayed in three acts condensed to two acts by director Medrano. While the script addresses serious issues of love, familial obligation and competition, the comedic flair and powerhouse performance of Polilla (Antonio Vargas) provides moral teachings with laughter that keep the audience enthralled in the plot of who will spite love and who will fall prey to it. The intellectual battles, psychological inquiries and plethora of agricultural metaphors all paint a picture of the troubles and pleasures of love.

The exceptional scenic design of Elizabeth Jenkins McFadden and lighting design of Joseph R. Walls along with the costume design of Alicia Tessari Neiman transports viewers into the world of 17th century and unifies the classic story and dynamic performances of the cast that lead us to internally question our conflict and conquest of love.

Reminiscent of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Moreto’s In Spite of Love is a Must-See production. For an evening of laughter, introspection and insight, the production falls at the top of the list for an overall entertaining and enlightening show.

Running Time: Two hours and fifteen minutes, with a 15-minute intermission.

In Spite of Love plays October 7, 2012 at Teatro Hispano GALA (The Gala Hispanic Theatre) – 3333 14th Street, NW, in Washington, DC. For tickets, call  (202) 234-7174, or purchase them online.

The production is performed in Spanish with English Subtitles.

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Veronique MacRae
Veronique LaShell MacRae is the Founder and Artistic Director of Act Trinity Performing Arts Company (THE ATPAC) based in North Carolina. A graduate of North Carolina Central University with a B.A. in Theatre Performance and Duke University with a Master of Arts in Christian Studies, Veronique’s most recent credits include the one-woman show “Self-Portrait of a Sinner”, excerpts from the one-woman show “Last Words to Baby Girl”, the lead in the Lamb to a Lion production of “Love, Life and Redemption in NYC”; playwright and director of the following shows: “Broken”, “My Brother David”, “Chocolate/Vanilla” (Off-Broadway and Tour); Sue Ellen in “Spreading the News” by Melodic Pictures of Los Angeles and background work in “Law and Order”. New to the Washington, DC area, Veronique will continue advanced studies on arts and theology in the fall of 2012. She looks forward to connecting with other artists and lovers of the arts during the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival.


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