‘Hemispheric Dysfunctionalism and the Cortical Titanic’ to Sail From October 4-28, 2012 at Fort Fringe by Shawn Nelson

The 100th anniversary sinking of the RMS Titanic is being commemorated all year with museum exhibits, movies and documentaries, but an original production by local playwright and Fringe Festival alumni Michael Merino begins its run at Fort Fringe on October 4th and plays through October 28th. Common lore is the music kept playing as the Titanic sank deeper into the icy waters of the Atlantic, and Hear the Titanic is Merino’s music that will underscore the fall production of  Hemispheric Dysfunctionalism and the Cortical Titanic.

Standing: Ian LeValley, Keith Waters, Bethany Michel, Patrick Joy, Phil McLeod, Darius T. Epps; seated: Megan Dominy, Misty Demory, and Scott Sedar. Photo by Patty Brosmer.

Merino has been working on the play for years. He first staged Hemispheric Dysfunctionalism and the Cortical Titanic, about 20 years ago in New Orleans. The music is new, and with a re-worked Richard Wager composition meshed with the poetry of T.S. Elliot, the music is believably fitting as orchestral works that would have been heard by passengers on the Titanic.

Cortical Titanic, written my Michael Merino and co-directed by Kerri Rambow, will dock at Fort Fringe, 607 New York Ave., NW – from October 4-28th, featuring Ian LeValley as the Captain, Scott Sedar as the Millionaire, Misty Demory as not his wife, with Megan Dominy, Darius T. Epps, Jefferson Farber, Keith Irby, Patrick Joy, Bethany Michel, and Keith Waters.

Set aboard the Titanic, the play explores how we receive and use information in a rapidly changing, technological world. The story uses the World’s Largest Metaphor to symbolize the damaged brain, where a ship of fools attempt to subject nature and defy common sense.

It’s going to be big. It’s going to be Titanic.

Come aboard; we’re expecting you.

Ticket Prices
General Admission $25
Students/Seniors $20
With 2012 Fringe Button $3 discount
(i.e., General Admission = $22; Students/Seniors = $17)
Patrons wearing period costumes will receive priority seating.

Purchase tickets here.

Meet the cast.


  1. I attended a fundraiser/reading of this play back in April, the night the Titanic hit the iceberg 100 years ago. Had a great time, funny play, excellent presentation by NOAA and free champagne and hors d’oeuvres. This event looks equally promising. Original music and Pimm’s cups. I will swim there if I have to, but most likely will take metro.


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