Fringe Hit ‘The Circle’ Continues on Saturday and Sunday 10/5 and 10/6 by Carmen Wong

It’s theater in the form of an mp3:…In the wacky universe of Banished? Productions that sounds like business as usual.” – Washington Post

banished? productions takes theatre to the streets, this time with The Circle, a performative audio-walk by award-winning playwright Juanita Rockwell.

The Circle pulls time, space and audiences together by combining a 70’s-inspired narrative and sound with today’s urban structures and surroundings. We tap into a surreal story of a woman tripping through past and future memory, one that weaves personal anecdotes of Dupont Circle in the 1970’s as seen through the eyes of the young and restless. Playwright Juanita Rockwell says that the neighborhood itself feels a bit like a time machine: “Seeing all the beautiful old architecture under the chain stores, I was also interested in exploring a secret teenage world, as I remember it: in-jokes, escape fantasies, self-absorption, heartbreak, and the magic of possibility.” “It was terrific to be able to work again, and more closely, with Juanita,” says director Carmen C. Wong. “I thought her style and voice would be perfect for this particular walk, and I loved how she imbued it with a sense of history balanced with fun and fondness.”

The Circle is the second installation in the banished? footsteps series of alternative art audiowalks. This walking audioplay follows in a long line of avant-pop projects and performances by banished? productions which celebrate whimsy and self-satirizing humor, and encourage audiences to immerse in play. The concept pulls inspiration from Janet Cardiff’s beautifully crafted audio walks and the audio-based works of Rotozaza and Antenna Theatre.

The set of walks launching on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 8:00pm (following a Gelato Happy Hour at Dolcezza Dupont – 1704 Connecticut Ave NW) will debut the Dupont Circle route, which inspired the narrative within the audioplay.

Other walks will meet and depart from the Q street exit of the Dupont Circle Metro (1525 20th St. NW) on:

Saturday, October 6 @ 6:00pm and 7:00pm
Sunday, October 7 @ 6:00pm and 7:00pm.

Ticket-buyers will be emailed audio-files and instructions to download files to their mp3-players which they will bring to the guided walks.

Tickets are $5, and available online

More information on facebook.



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