‘Reckless’ at Spooky Action Theater by Erica Laxson

Spooky Action Theater is known for producing offbeat and thought provoking shows and their Fall presentation of Craig Lucas’ Reckless is an absolute emotional thrill ride of epic proportions. Christmas comes to life in Director Richard Henrich’s sparkling take on life, honesty, and forgiveness as characters quickly see their world turn upside down.

Mundy Spears (Rachel) proves that too much sugar can be poisonous, but when all else fails, a little smile can give even the most downtrodden a glimmer of hope. Forced to endure a truly horrific series of events, Spears weathers each and every situation with impeccable humor and grace. From cartoonish to a ray of sunshine, Spears beautifully evolves throughout the evening as Rachel learns to accept her fate.

Cameron Robertson (Tom/Tom Jr.) sets Rachel off on her misadventures with selfish bravado, yet dangles a second chance just out of reach without malicious intent. Reckless to Spears’ strict structure, Robertson plays a perfect opposite that is just too easy to forgive. As Tom Jr., Cameron embodies second chances and the power of love.

Jim Zidar (Lloyd) is a great booming source of both comic relief and a couple kicks right to the tear ducts. Both pitiable and heroic, Zidar will shatter your expectations again and again. Doug Krehbel (Roy/Tim Timko) portrays two different characters and uses his magnificent voice to the best of his ability. Humorous and quirky, Krehbel is sure to make you laugh.

Gale Nemec (Trish/Sue) is perfectly sour to Spears’ sugary sweet disposition. More cat and mouse than crazy cat fight, Nemec and Spears have a spark that leads to hilarious moments again and again. Hilary Kacser (Doctors) is wonderfully versatile in her representations of over half a dozen different doctors. From kooky to quirk cool, Kacser makes the most of her role to create a unique personalities for each stage of Rachel’s journey.

Set Designer JD Madsen has created a storybook world come to life. The stunning, yet simply set is a testament to true imagination, beautifully designed colors, a creative use of space. Costume Designer Lynly A. Saunders uses simple and sweet to push reality, yet perfectly touches the cast with a little bit of Christmas.

Reckless plays through October 28, 2012 at Spooky Action Theater – 1810 16th Street, NW, in Washington, DC. For tickets, call the box office at (202) 248-0301, or purchase them online.


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