‘Tomfoolery’ musical to Open at Elden Street Players January 25th By Matthew Thompson

Tomfoolery musical to Open at Elden Street Players January 25th
with Apologies from Producer; Tom Lehrer to Blame

Although many of those involved with Elden Street Players had high hopes for the 25th Anniversary Season, the excitement is quickly turning to embarrassment because of Tom Lehrer.

Lehrer’s show, Tomfoolery, directed by Adrianna Hardy, is unfortunately set to open on January 25, 2013 and laboriously continue through February 16 at the Industrial Strength Theatre in Herndon, VA. It would appear that all the royalties are paid to the publishing company and the show must go on no matter how offensive it is.

Lehrer’s musical satire is produced by Susan d. Garvey, music directed by
Tom Fuller, and stars the wasted talent of Matthew “Moose” Thompson, Matthew Scarborough, Matt Williams, Becca Harney, and Caroline Simpson. They are all very sorry to have to invite you to the show, and extend their most heartfelt apologies.

Fetid songs from the show are being rehearsed by the cast with as much lackluster enthusiasm as they can muster. Songs include: “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park,” “The Elements,” “New Math,” and “We Will All Go Together When We Go,” and what feels like hundreds more. Other members of the team include Stage Manager Don Peterson, Set Design and Master Carpenter Ian Mark Brown, Sound Designer Brian Christensen, Lighting Designer Brian Christensen, Choreographer Robyn Avalon, Costume Designer Farrell Hartigan, Properties/Set Dressing Mike Smith, Scenic Painter Cathy Rieder, and Makeup/Hair Design Kat Brais.

Additional assistance on the production is being painfully provided by ESP Executive Producer Jeff Boatright, Music Rehearsal Laurie Corkey, Dance Captain Angela Ramacci, and Marketing/PR Maria Benzie. They would not wish for their closest enemies to attend this squalid show and give their apologies to the season subscribers who have already secured tickets.

Tom Lehrer.

Tomfoolery plays at Elden Street Players from January 25-February 16, 2012 on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm, with a 3 pm matinee on Sunday, February 3rd. There’s an additional Sunday performance on February 10 at 7 pm, and a distasteful Valentine’s Day show on Thursday February 14 at 8 pm. Tickets to this regretably unforgettable night may be purchased online starting January 5, 2012, by phone at phone at (703) 481-5930, or in (thankfully) very limited supply at the door before each performance.


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