‘Are You Ready To Get ‘Naked’?’ by Rachael Murray

What is Naked Theatre Company? Let’s be clear: Naked Theatre Company is not a Vegas-style burlesque show, a theatre of nudists, an organic juice performance art collective, or a thinly-veiled live pornography exhibit. We mean “naked” as in, “transparent.”

From left to right: Jared Murray, Rachael Murray, and Cory Cunningham. Photo by  Amanda Rodriguez/Cory Cunningham.
From left to right: Jared Murray, Rachael Murray, and Cory Cunningham. Photo by Amanda Rodriguez/Cory Cunningham.

So what does that mean to us? We want to enable audiences to see all the nitty-gritty that leads up to opening night; we want to give people access to that which is usually behind-the-scenes. In short, we want to bridge the gap between process and performance. What will we be doing that is so transparent? For starters, we’ll be live-streaming and archiving our rehearsals and production meetings. That means you can either watch and follow along, or catch up with what you missed later. One better, you can also comment on what we’re doing and give us feedback on the show’s progress.

Speaking of a show’s progress, our first show, R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) is on its way! R.U.R. is a sci-fi melodrama by Czech playwright Karel Capek. It is set in the future. Robots carry out all menial tasks and humans rule over them. Over time, the robots take steps to turn the tables. It will be a part of this summer’s Capital Fringe Festival. Right now, our main task is the indiegogo campaign to make this show happen. Our current goal for this campaign is to cover the basics: fees, set/costume/props and so forth. But what we’d really love to do is be able to pay our artists for their time. That’s included in the campaign as a stretch goal. This is something that is really important to NTC, and something we hope to  do more independently as our sexy little company grows.


For the past six months, the trio that is Naked Theatre Company has been inching toward a particularly scary cliff. A couple weeks ago, we officially jumped off: Naked Theatre Company’s website is now fully launched, the premier show has been announced, and we are in the thick of getting it funded. We are searching for production staff, and pretty soon we’ll be announcing auditions.  Naked Theatre Company is approaching theatre a little differently, and we’re taking a risk to see if it works. We hope you’ll take a risk too and get involved.

Interested in supporting our very first show? Read more about R.U.R.


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