‘The Three Musketeers’ Opens Tonight at Synetic Theater

Synetic Theater opens a new adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas’ novel, The Three Musketeers in Crystal City.

Brothers Ben and Peter Cunis have worked on the new adaptation for over 10 months. The challenge was to adapt the extremely complex store line to stage, and to make it work organically with the Synetic storytelling style. Paata Tsikurishvili, director of the production said, “Dumas’ language-direct yet poetic, rough yet elegant – is a direct reflection of the breathless action throughout his novel and our adaptation of it. Throughout this story, characters physically collide and streak past each other from one end of France to the other, as they simultaneously and unavoidably crash together verbally-whether in brawls, duels, or in the bedroom.”

The cast members had to take sword fighting lessons to prepare for this duel-filled production. “What this collision of words and movement has produced is a stylized fusion of grotesque physicality and heightened language which, we hope, stays as true to the spirit of Dumas’ novel as to Synetic’s own pursuit of theatrical fusion and synthesis.”


The Three Musketeers stars Dallas Tolentino, Ben Cunis, Hector Reynoso, Dan Istrate, Brynn Tucker, and Peter Pereyra. Irina Tsikurishvili, who is also choreographing the production, plays the treacherous Milady. Composer Konstantine Lortkipanidze has written a new and exciting score.

The Three Musketeers plays though June 9, 2013 at Synetic Theater – 1800 South Bell Street, in Arlington, VA.. For tickets, call the box office at (800) 494-8497, or purchase them online.

Here’s a synopsis of Synetic Theater’s production of The Three Musketeers


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