2013 Capital Fringe Show Preview: ‘The Goddess Diaries’ by Carol Lee Campbell

The Goddess Diaries is a storytelling venture, where the true-life experiences of women are shared alongside musical and dance interludes. Since its inception four years ago, The Goddess Diaries has raised funds and awareness for women-based charities, including George Mason University’s Victims of Violence Fund, Courtney’s House, Duffy House, and Our Space.

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The Goddess Diaries joined the Capital Fringe Festival last year and was voted One of the Best of the Fringe by DCMetroTheaterArts. This summer, the Diaries returns with several all-new stories to tell and with seasoned director, Gregory Stuart, at the helm.

The show stays current by drawing on women’s stories reflecting today’s issues such as domestic violence and sex abuse yet also infuses humor found in the everyday world of women: anxiety about marriage and bridal registries, surviving long car rides with young children and trying to find your pet snake lost in your mother’s closet.

This year’s show combines the human journey with elements of world myth. The audience will glimpse the intersection where the everyday meets the universal.
Don’t miss the production:

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VENUE: The Mountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church
900 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Near Mt. Vernon Square Metro

July 14th @4:30 pm
July 20th@1:30 pm
July 24th@6:15 pm

Purchase tickets here. 



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