‘Summer Hummer 2013’ Takes Off at 7 and 9 PM THIS MONDAY, August 19th at Signature Theatre by Jennifer Clements

Summer Hummer 2013


Over 40 of Washington’s hottest theatre performers. 
Taking off their clothes.
THIS MONDAY, August 19, 2013 at  7 pm and 9 pm 
At Signature Theatre
$35 General Admission
$75 Premium Reserved Seating

Don’t be left out of Washington’s only bawdy burlesque. Get your tickets NOW – every dollar goes to help theatre professionals through theatreWashington’s Taking Care of Our Own.


Carolyn ColeFelicia CurryRobert Aubrey DavisErin DriscollJames Gardiner

Rick HammerlyNaomi JacobsonNova PaytonBobby SmithHolly Twyford

Pictured above: (top, L to R) Carolyn Cole, Felicia Cury, Robert Aubrey Davis, Erin Driscoll, and James Gardiner. (bottom, L to R) Rick Hammerly, Naomi Jacobson, Nova Payton, Bobby Smith, and Holly Twyford.

Also starring: Jay Ariel, Austin Colby, Matt Conner, Chris Dinolfo, Michael Dove, Sherri Edelen, Sam Edgerly, Kerry Epstein, Jefferson Farber , Philip Fletcher, Catie Flye, Will Gartshore, Tim Getman, Kim Gilbert, Davis Hasty, Mitchell Herbert, Dana Krueger, Nick Lehan, John Lescault, Emily Levey, Shane McCauley, Julie Meyer, Donna Migliaccio, Angela Miller, Stephen Russell Murray, Maria Rizzo, David Sabin, Jason Schlafstein, Kim Schraf, Stephen Gregory Smith, Paul Tetreult, Emily Townley, Nickolas Vaughn, Vicki Vox, Craig Wallace, and Lauren Williams.

Some, but not all, clothing will be removed from the bodies of performers during this performance. Yes, you should keep the kids at home.



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