The American Century Theater Presents a Live Recreation of 1936 Broadcast of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ Radio Drama via FREE Teleconference on Sunday, December 22, at 8:00 PM by Emily Morrison

The American Century Theater presents A Christmas Carol Radio Drama

The American Century Theater presents a live recreation of the classic 1936 A Christmas Carol Radio Drama via FREE Teleconference on Sunday, December 22, 2013 at 8:00 PM EST.

1476556_10152145130192122_1949517648_nThe American Century Theater will celebrate the Christmas season for families, shut-ins and lovers of old time radio drama when its all-star cast of 25 local actors and their family members present a special one hour adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol free of charge to anyone in the United States who calls into the special conference call.

“We last did this in 2009, and the response was overwhelming,” says Jack Marshall, Artistic Director of the Arlington, Virginia–based company that specializes in reviving important dramatic works.

Lionel Barrymore performing  the role of Scrooge on the radio.
Lionel Barrymore performing the role of Scrooge on the radio.

“The teleconference technology beautifully captures the sound and feel of the Golden Age of radio drama, when Campbell’s Soup presented an annual live broadcast of A Christmas Carol starring Lionel Barrymore as Scrooge, to millions of families across the country on Christmas Eve. Our production—–with the actors performing from their own homes!—-is a wonderful showcase of the

vocal talents of our professional acting company, and also shows how modern technology can evoke classic entertainment.

This is our gift to theater-goers in Arlington, the Greater Washington area, and
the nation.”

In a format for drama that was pioneered by The American Century Theater, actors use their telephones as microphones, and Sound Designer Ed Moser mixes in sound effects and music. “The effect is amazingly like the sound of old radio,” says Moser, TACT’s in-house sound designer.“

“Call in a few minutes before 8:00 pm on Sunday, December 22, 2013,” says Marshall, “and join us for an hour of holiday memories, great literature, and Christmas spirit.”

Who: The American Century Theater
What: A Christmas Carol
When: 8:00 pm, EST, on Sunday, December 22
Where: From your own home!

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1. Dial 1-443-453-0034.
2. Enter Christmas Carol Code 758246
3. Upon entering the virtual theater, press *4 to mute your line
It is strongly recommended that listeners use speakerphones when possible, so families and groups can listen together.

There will be no charge to the listening audience except for regular long distance rates where they may apply.

The 2013 A Christmas Carol acting company includes members from two decades of TACT productions. The cast of 25 is led by Capital Steps member Andy Clemence, who uncannily evokes Lionel Barrymore as Scrooge. The final cast is still being set, but includes Deb Critzer, David Elias, Chad Fornwalt, Kathryn Fuller, Bill Gordon, Steve Lebens, Bruce Alan Rauscher, Jacqueline Manger, Tom Manger and the Manger family, Emily Morrison, and Michael Replogle.

“The radio theater format gives us an opportunity to bring live theater directly into homes. And generations who have only heard their grandparents speak of the magic of radio will get to experience it first hand,” explains TACT Chair Lou George.

The company is encouraging everyone to alert friends and family to the production and to encourage call-in listeners from every state. “There is something special in knowing that so many others are listening too,” says Marshall. “Our company is dedicated to nourishing live theater as an opportunity for shared experiences and ideas.”



About TACT

The American Century Theater is a 501(c)(3) professional nonprofit theater company dedicated to producing significant 20th century American plays and musicals at risk of being forgotten. TACT is supported in part by Arlington County through the Arlington Commission for the Arts and Arlington Cultural Affairs, a division of Arlington Economic Development; the Virginia Commission for the Arts; the National Endowment for the Arts; and many generous donors.



Listen to this 1938 Campbell Playhouse Radio Production by Orson Welles of Charles Dickens’ novelette A Christmas Carol, where Ebenezer Scrooge (Lionel Barrymore), an elderly miser, learns the error of his ways on Christmas Eve, when he reflects on his past, present and future collectively, whereupon the mean old miser undergoes a radical change of heart and is “awakened” on Christmas morning a changed man.


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