Hot Night Productions’ “Stocking Stuffers” at the Bier Baron by Lucrezia Blozia

Hot Night Productions Stocking Stuffers December 20th at the Bier Baron
Burlesque is a lot of things – it’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s retro, it’s smart, it often relies on the performer’s other talents and training in theatre, dance and costuming. Sometimes it’s performance art and sometimes it’s just plain old charming. Hot Night Productions’ Stocking Stuffers on December 20 at the Bier Baron, while still possessing all the other qualities, was heavy on the charm. It felt like hanging out with a group of friends just doing what they love to do … some kickass burlesque!

stocking stuffers flyer

Imagine Duckie, Jon Cryer’s character in Pretty in Pink all grown up and having worked out his romantic issues. Now dress him like a zoot suit hepcat and you’ve got MC Hot Todd Lincoln who warmed up the crowd, walking that fine line of self-deprecation and old school standup.

Cherie Sweetbottom opened the show with a “nerdlesque” (burlesque for the fan boys/geeks) number for all the Tolkien heads, transforming from Bilbo Baggins, hairy feet and all, to the lizard-like Gollum.

Dainty Daindridge. Photo by Crystal Swarovski.
Dainty Daindridge. Photo by Crystal Swarovski.

Next up was Dainty Dandridge who says the dirtiest things imaginable in the most adorable, sweet-voiced way, singing an old Lucille Bogan number, “Shave Me Dry.” Spinnabel Lee came on like a broken ballerina doll from the Isle of Misfit Toys. Watching her hoop it’s hard to imagine she has bones, or at least not those solid kind of bones you and I have. It’s always fun to see a classic balloon act and it’s always fun to see Gilded Lily’s Maria Bella, especially when she’s delivering a PSA (Particularly Sexy Act) on the effects of good hygiene on the flu bug!

There was a brief intermission while the stage was set with a shiny red bicycle and a bottle of Tequila. Uh huh it was Pee Wee time!!! Cherie Nuit “uncovered” that little known Christmas classic, Pee Wee’s Burlesque Adventure. Spinnabel Lee followed her with some more rubber-boned hooping and then it was time for the “Pants Off Dance-off” which was a little misleading as everyone remained panted throughout but still fun anyway with audience members competing to see who could best work a Santa hat. Then Dainty came out in a choir robe and showed us the spirit most definitely moved her, taking it into the house while performing to an amazing gospel cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.” Yes, “I want to ___ you like an animal” that one… gospel styley.

Cherie Nuit and Hot Todd Lincoln. Photo by Stereovision.
Cherie Nuit and Hot Todd Lincoln. Photo by Stereovision.

Cherie Sweetbottom reminded us there’s more than one reason for the season with a naughty Santa act and Maria Bella closed the show with a classic tease to an old Elvis Presley song, “Let Yourself Go.”

As the performers came out for their curtain call Cherie Nuit’s boyfriend surprised her with a dozen red roses celebrating her fiftieth show of the year, a goal she had set for herself at the beginning of 2013. This sweet little moment once again reinforced the feeling that we weren’t just the audience; we were among friends.

For more Hot Night Productions join Hot Todd Lincoln and Cherie Nuit every first Friday of the month at the Bier Baron.

Poster/flyer is by Hot Night Productions.

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Lucrezia Blozia
Lucrezia Blozia has been part of the local alternative performance scene since the early ‘90s (she started when she was 6). She was the leading, ahem, lady at notorious pervpunk theatre company Cherry Red where she honed her skills in plays like “Cannibal Cheerleaders on Crack” and “Poona the F*ckdog and Other Plays for Children”. She was part of girl group Eva Brontosaurus in both New York and LA where the trio opened for Margaret Cho’s monthly burlesque show, The Sensuous Woman. She’s proud to have originated roles in all five years of Hope Operas and played everything from a flipper derby girl to a were-squirrel to a Pam Greer-type cop/barista. She’s a regular collaborator with Landless and Borealis Theatre Companies and Astro Pop Entertainment. She loves you and is surprisingly easy to work with for someone so simultaneously humble and exquisitely beautiful (oh and talented). You should hire her.


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