Meet the Cast of West Potomac High School’s ‘Spamalot’ by Gracie Denton

Meet the cast of West Potomac High School’s Spamalot.

spam1Peter Serle (King Arthur)

I’ve been a fan of Monty Python since I was in elementary school. When I found out we were doing the musical, I researched the songs and instantly fell in love with Arthur. Everyone else’s characters are bold and colorful, but Arthur is the only that doesn’t seem to have any self-awareness, which is very funny to me.
Being able to portray King Arthur is a lot of fun. Playing Arthur feels like acting a dramatic role, which I really enjoy. I usually don’t get to be this type of character, so having this opportunity really means a lot and I don’t take it for advantage.


ben2Ben Roberts (Dennis/Sir Galahad)

This is one of those shows that you can really say that all parts are amazing. Every part is memorable and has its own quirks and jokes. I’m very glad to be a part of this cast. Changing from Dennis to Sir Galahad requires me to change my stance, posture, and voice. Being able to show the audience my different acting abilities will be exciting and I can’t wait for everyone to see the show.


sp3Anjum Choudhury (Lady of the Lake)

I was a singer before I was an actor, and Lady of the Lake is mostly singing role, so she seemed like a perfect fit for me. I started singing in choir in elementary school; my first leading role was in fourth grade. Becoming Lady of the Lake is harder than I thought. It’s difficult to take it as far as I need to; she’s so over the top. I always have to push myself as an actor and as a singer.


spam3Austin Harlow (Lancelot)

Lancelot doesn’t realize who he is, so to do that you have to create this character that acts very flamboyant, but doesn’t realize it. You have to have the character be strong enough in that sense so the audience can realize it, but not strong enough for Lancelot to realize it. Lancelot is like this super touch and super macho guy, he’s like a Jolly Rancher Crunch and Chew or a stale Twinkie – he’s super tough on the outside but on the inside he’s super soft and sensitive.

Being part of a big musical is pretty awesome. You get to see all these people doing everything they can to make it the best that it can be – so you feel this obligation that if you don’t try your hardest to make this musical the best it can be, then you’re not trying hard enough. It’s also fun to be in a comedy because you get to basically improv and add on to the scene that’s already there, and it’s acceptable… for the most part.


spam5Hunter Harlow (Sir Bedevere)

I really like being a part of big musicals because everyone is working towards the same thing – a really awesome show. You are never alone. Even though the crew does their own thing from the cast, everyone is responsible for making sure that the audience is entertained, and it’s really amazing when that many people care about the same thing.

Sir Bedevere is the first character that I’ve played that is notably educated and is the “smartest” knight and this defines the character and how he acts, of course being Monty Python, Bedevere is actually really stupid, which makes it funny. This is also the first speaking role that I’ve had where my character is not related to my brother’s character.


spam6David Jarzen (Sir Robin)

Being a part of Spamalot is amazing because it’s our largest production of the year that includes everyone. With a large cast, it makes everybody grow and bond together. Getting to know the cast and crew has really been a blast and I can’t wait for everyone to see all the hard work we’ve put into it. Sir Robin differs from other roles I’ve portrayed because he is more proper. Sir Robin is very afraid and therefore vulnerable; he stretches my acting ability greatly.


spam7Eddie Perez (Patsy)

Patsy is King Arthur’s horse, motivational speaker, he carries all of his things, and he basically does all of Arthur’s physical effort for him. Arthur looks down and him and doesn’t really notice him. For the most part Patsy doesn’t really mind. He’s pretty much oblivious to the fact that Arthur has zero respect for him. He’s too happy to notice anything.

To play Patsy, I have to squat and hunch over and basically channel any memories of working hard and not getting any recognition. I knew I wanted to be Patsy after I heard the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” I’ve always liked characters that aren’t the lead, so supporting roles. And Patsy is literally the epitome of supporting role. He supports King Arthur, mentally and sometimes physically. So this is the closest to supporting role you could get and I’m very excited.


spam8Sam Rainey (Herbert)

To prepare for such a role as Herbert, I watched a lot of Monty Python & The Holy Grail and Spamalot. I got a lot of my inspiration from other Monty Python sketches with John Cleese, Eric Idol, and Graham Chapman. My character, Herbert, is entirely unique to my usual casting characteristics, due to the fact that he has a very high-pitched voice and his feminine personality. This character is one of the most difficult, but one of the most fun characters I’ve ever had to play.


spam9Dan Evans (The Black Knight, Father, Mother Galahad,
and Voice of God)

It’s a very magical experience to play several different characters. I’ve always enjoyed playing characters, so playing multiple large ones is fantastic. Making each character unique has proven more difficult than I expected. I’ve had to spend countless hours practicing accents and even more hours defining my physical characteristics for them. My favorite character is probably Father, because I get to do a Scottish accent and I feel like it brings out more of my acting capability.


spam10Nikki Amico (Lady of the Lake understudy, Not Dead Fred)

Being the understudy to Lady of the Lake is an exciting experience because I get to watch the show develop and work alongside some very talented people. Transforming into Lady of the Lake from Not Dead Fred requires me stand up straighter and think of myself as a diva. The roles are outrageous and provide a lot of freedom for the actor. Being in Spamalot tests my limits and makes me go farther as an actor.


pam11Kaila Anderson (Dance Captain)

Being the Dance Captain can be very stressful at times but extremely rewarding. Just seeing people grow as dancers who have never even taken a dance class before makes me really happy. I, personally, only started dancing freshman year, so I know it’s possible for others to grow and succeed. My favorite dance to be in is “Knights of the Round Table” because over this last year learning how to tap has been something I really enjoy and look forward to. Being in Spamalot has been amazing and everyone is so talented and energetic. It’s just an honor working with them.


Gracie Denton.
Gracie Denton

Gracie Denton is the Publicity officer for the International Thespian Troupe 1899 at West Potomac High School. She is a sophomore in high school and is also the head sound designer. She is a FCPS employed student technician and loves absolutely everything to do with technical theatre.

The cast and crew of 'Spamalot' posing in front of the "Trojan Rabbit" on their 4th Tech Saturday. Photo courtesy of West Potomac High School.
The cast and crew of ‘Spamalot’ posing in front of the “Trojan Rabbit” on their 4th Tech Saturday. Photo courtesy of West Potomac High School.


A Lot of Medieval Merrymaking Set for the West Potomac Theatre with Monty Python’s Spamalot!

 Spamalot tells the story of rude Frenchmen, can can dancers, the Lady of the Lake and her Laker Girls, Killer rabbits, catapulting cows, and the somewhat odd Knights who say “Ni,” which  are just part of the adventures and dangers awaiting  King Arthur and his knights of the very very very round table in their quest for the Holy Grail. Lovingly ripped-off from the motion picture Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spamalot is the fresh Broadway hit and irreverent parody of the Arthurian legend. It was nominated for 14 Tony Awards, winning three, including Best Musical for 2005. During its initial run, it was seen by more than two million people.

Leading the quest is King Arthur (Peter Serle) with his trusty servant Patsy (Eddie Perez). Playing his gallant knights are Austin Harlow as Sir Lancelot the Homicidally Brave, David Jarzen as Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelot, Ben Roberts as Sir Galahad, the Dashingly Handsome, Hunter Harlow as Sir Bedivere, the Strangely Flatulent, and Anjum Choudhury as The Lady of the Lake.

Disclaimer: Spamalot pokes fun at almost everyone and everything, even Broadway musicals. It is most appropriate for children 12 and older who can appreciate the unique Pythonesque sense of humor that –without apology – can appear cheeky, impertinent, irreverent, disrespectful, and sometimes just plain rude…but to the sophisticated and discerning eye, it is silliness raised to an art form and all good fun. But, please, if you are easily offended, take King Arthur’s advice and “Run away!”

Monty Python’s Spamalot plays from May 1-3, 2014 at West Potomac High School – 6500 Quander Road, in Alexandria, VA. Performances are May 1st at 5:00 PM, May 2nd and 3rd at at 7:00 PM and May 3rd at 2:00 PM. All  performances are at West Potomac High School in the Springbank Auditorium -6500 Quander Road, in Alexandria, VA. Tickets are $10 for students and $12 for adults, and you can them online.


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