‘Countdown to Yuri’s Night’ Tonight at Anacostia Arts Center from 8 PM-2 AM

Astro Pop Entertainment is like a mad scientist’s lab of pop art, burlesque and theatre. Jared Davis, who runs Arlington County Cultural Affairs Scene Shop along with spouse Kate Taylor Davis, Director of the Anacostia Arts Center, uphold the standard of burlesque plus/theatre minus at least twice a year, one of them occurring TONIGHT-Saturday night, April 12 at Countdown to Yuri’s Night. Yuri’s Night is a global celebration of the anniversary of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s historic first manned space flight. In DC it’s just a little more sexy with burlesque performances, this year by Candy del Rio, Gigi Holliday, Maria Bella, Maki Roll and NYC boylesquer Mr. Gorgeous.

Andrew Wodzianski, Maki Roll, Candy del Rio, Gigi Holliday, and Matt Grant. Photo by Stereo Vision.
Andrew Wodzianski, Maki Roll, Candy del Rio, Gigi Holliday, and Matt Grant. Photo by Stereo Vision.

The story goes Jared went to a Yuri’s Night Party at the Russian Embassy and thought super-neato holiday! He went to a planning meeting for the next one and pitched the idea of an art and burlesque show and was asked to leave. Comforting her dejected hubby, Kate suggested they have their own party thinking it would be at their house (an invite to the annual Halloween Bash at Chez Davis is a coveted item among DC’s lowbrow art crowd). Instead they partnered with local art shakers, Art Whino and ended up in a gallery space. Since then Countdown to Yuri’s Night DC has docked in various venues including the Capitol Skyline Hotel and Artisphere. This will be number 7!

The show is a winning combination of self-deprecating sci-fi geekery and burlesque ‘cause you know after you’re done debating whether Han actually shot first or not you’re going to want to see hotties take it off. That’s not to say there’s not a plot to tie it all together and this year it’s something about the crew of the S.S. Gagarin: Captain Ballcrusher (burlesque mc, Kittie Glitter), Number Two (Matt Grant) and Drinkbot (Andrew Wodzianski), docking their ship at the wrong bar at the wrong time.

Countdown to Yuri’s Night also features live performances by surf-rockers, the Atomic Mosquitoes and funk band, James Terrell: The Color of Sound. And that’s not all – there’s an art show featuring local artists including Todd Gardner, Dana Ellyn and Matt Sesow among many others. But wait, there’s more! There’s a costume contest followed by a dance party djed by DJ Adrian Loving.


A 21+ event, Countdown to Yuri’s Night takes place tonight -Saturday, April 12, from 8 pm to 2 am, at Anacostia Arts Center – 1231 Good Hope Road, SE, in Washington, DC. Tickets are $25 in advance/$30 Door with a $12 party-only ticket (no burlesque show). Purchase tickets online.

Shuttle service to the Eastern Market and Anacostia metros will be provided free of charge. Visit www.c2yn.com for tickets, transportation info, artist links, and announcements.

Their other big event Astro Pop Entertainment presents every year is Elvis Birthday Fight Club. We were lucky enough to chat with Kate, fight choreographer Christian Sullivan and “head” puppeteer Andrew Wodzianski after the big event earlier this year. The video is NSFW because of language, Elvis impersonators and “potty” talk.


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