Capital Fringe 2014 Preview: Meet the Cast of ‘Breast in Show’: Part 2: Jennie Lutz

In Part 2 of a series of interviews with the cast of Breast in Show, meet Jennie Lutz.

Joel: How did you get involved in the show?

Jennie: I was asked to join the show by the director, Kate Bryer.

Why did you want to get involved in the show?

Jenny Lutz.

First off, I really enjoy working with Kate Bryer… plus, it’s hard to say no to her. Secondly, I have an appreciation for theatre that exists for a purpose. While our show is highly entertaining, I know it says something important and real.

Tell us about your character and how you relate to her.

I play a few roles in the show, but my main character is Shirley. She is a vibrant and sassy middle aged woman who is in treatment for breast cancer. While we do not have the same life experiences, she and I are similar in our mother-hen qualities. We like to be prepared, to be helpful, and to look out for others. Also like Shirley, family is what matters most to me.

Why is this show so important to you? And why should local theatres come and see and support the show?

Not only is this show funny and entertaining, it is a therapeutic way for anyone who may be dealing with illness or grief. I am a firm believer in the transformative power of theatre and this show is a prime example of how art chances lives. Personally, I lost my Aunt and Grandmother to the disease. I was very young at the time, but their absence affected our family deeply as a whole. This show is not just about the “C” word. It’s about the people who are affected and how they cope. Whether it be through humor, tears, or fighting back, people deal with illness in their own way. This show tells those stories.

What is the most moving scene for you in the show and why?

Without spoiling anything, I can say the end of the show hits me hardest. And not because of what you may guess. But because of the true heart that comes out of the words and lyrics. It’s really quite powerful.

What is your ‘big number’ in the show and what do we learn about your character when you are singing the song?

As Shirley, I get a great comedic turn in “My Oncologist.” It’s a big brassy number that involves a little romance between my character and her hunky doctor. It’s fantastic to see that even though Shirley is battling cancer, she can still have a good time (wink wink).

What do you want theatregoers to take with them after seeing Breast in Show?

Whether they laugh, cry, or sing along, I’m hoping that audience members will connect with the characters we are playing. Since the characters are based on interviews with real people, that’s what means the most and what really matters. Real people are dealing with this disease and real people are telling their stories.

The cast of 'Breast in Shows': Left to right: Ayanna Hardy, Megan Westman, Jennie Lutz, Gracie Jones, and Chris Rudy. Not Pictured: Matt Dewberry.
The cast of ‘Breast in Shows’: Left to right: Ayanna Hardy, Megan Westman, Jennie Lutz, Gracie Jones, and Chris Rudy. Not Pictured: Matt Dewberry.

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Capital Fringe 2014 Preview: Meet the Cast of ‘Breast in Show’: Part 1: Gracie Jones.


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