Capital Fringe 2014 Review: “C-“

(Best of the Fringe!)

C-, a SPNP Tech production is a one-man play featuring writer and director Eric Jaffe. The performance, based on Jaffe’s interviews of his former hard-partying fraternity brothers, takes a real and broad comic look into life 20 years after college.

C- image

Jaffe’s main purpose is to ask them one BIG question, “What is the value of a college education?” Jaffe appears on the stage with the additional props of a chair, a side table, and a couple of hats and a vest. He does a brilliant job revealing the mindset of these men in a humorous, practical manner, changing his voice to emulate his fraternity brethren, while throwing his own stories in for good measure. Questions like, “Did the college thing pay off?” “How is the career?” and, “Did you ever get it together?”

Jaffe describes himself as a once-conservative young man who clearly explored the fringes of college excess, and it’s an eye-opener as you imagine the younger you saying, “Wow, this whole college thing…do I really have to study?”-and the older you replying, “Well, here’s what’s ahead:  It’s called punt.”

Well, you get the picture.

Jaffe’s play is humorous, and his writing shows that he definitely doesn’t take himself too seriously, but has a good time rechecking the intensity of college life and how you can reconnect with the people who were a huge part of it. Jaffe hits the nail on the head by demonstrating through his interviews that there are always constants in life, but there are also revelations and ironies to shake you up, too.

This is definitely a ‘Best of the Fringe!’ See this show, laugh your guts out, and remember to be cordial the next time you go home for alumni week and the bartender hands you a glass mug of beer–not the standard red cups issued to the young folks.

C- is a curious and thoughtful reminder of how life during college moves at warp speed, but is also a quiet reminder that life after college shows us a whole new way to slow it down, bring it back and have some fun—all without taking the whole thing too seriously.

Running Time: 55 minutes.

C – plays through July 26,, 2014 at Bedroom – Fort Fringe – 612 L Street, NW, in Washington, DC  For performance information and to purchase tickets, go to their Capital Fringe Page.


The preview on DCMetroTheaterArts.


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