On Monday, 8/18@8 at Synetic Theater: ‘Dark Night Showcase,’ Presented by KG Dance, in Memory of Freeman Carden Fletcher by Philip Fletcher

Dark Night Showcase, Presented by KG Dance, in Memory of Freeman Carden Fletcher!!


What’s with the name?

The term “Dark Night” is a theatrical colloquialism used to describe times when a theatre venue is not scheduled to present a show, a.k.a. the perfect time for Synetic actors to take over the stage and show what amazing things they have been independently working on. And, hey if anyone happens to think it has something to do with Batman, well that is kind of cool, too.

Why did you decide to hold this event?

It is extremely difficult for new and upcoming artists to find affordable spaces to show their work. Through Synetic Theater generously offering its company members, at a SIGNIFICANT discount, the rental of Synetic’s Studio Violet Rehearsal Spaces and the Synetic Theater, it is our hope that the Dark Night Showcase becomes an annual event in which to present new works, workshop ideas, and get the much needed feedback only a live audience can provide.

Who is Freeman Carden Fletcher?

Carden Fletcher was my father. He passed away on January 29, 2014 after a long, vigorous fight with cancer. He was a very loving and equally beloved father, spouse, and friend. He was always such a positive spirit and an excellent source of guidance and inspiration. Although still with us in spirit, his physical presence will forever be truly missed. The final piece of the night, titled F.C.F. 4514, is a tribute to him.

What is K.G. Dance?  

K.G. Dance is a contemporary Dance company located in the DC area. Founder and Choreographer Kathy Gordon creates thought provoking storytelling through dance which incorporates pedestrian movement and gestures with intricate technique-based dance, all while telling a specific story arc strongly rooted in human emotion. Kathy has presented her work locally at Joe’s Movement Emporium and Round House Theater in Silver Spring and regionally in the NYC Dance Arts Dance Festival. Kathy will be using the Dark Night Showcase to launch K.G. Dance, which she hopes to will be recognized as an up and coming, professional Dance Company in the DC area.

 Philip Fletcher. Photos by Scott Brown
Philip Fletcher. Photos by Scott Brown

 What sort of performance can the audience expect?

This year Dark Night will be an evening of original dance pieces and live music. However, future iterations will be open to all types of original performance art by Synetic artists. There is no fee for directors, choreographers, or performers to participate in the showcase and all donations raised throughout the year will go towards the next year’s rental fee of the Synetic Theater venue.

How much does it cost?

There are no tickets for the Dark Night Showcase. It is a FREE showcase with open seating; however, we will be accepted donations in the lobby after the show for Dark Night 2015, and for the American Cancer Society, an organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem.

*The painting by Anastasia Simes is titled “Deus Ex Machina III. Promise.”


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