In the Moment: ‘Pilobolus Dance’ Comes to The Alden Theatre This Friday

The world renowned Pilobolus will be bringing their “stunning, evocative and visceral” dance theater to the Alden Theatre, said Sarah N. Schallern, director, performing arts, McLean Community Center. “We jumped at the chance to bring them to the Alden.”

Founded in 1971, the dance troupe has toured throughout the United States and through-out the world. The troupe has delivered a TED Talk and performed at the Academy Awards.

“We want to engage and inspire audiences with a rich and diverse program”. said Itamar Kubovy, executive producer of Pilobolus in a recent telephone interview. Pilobolus draws inspiration for its choreography from many sources. Its dance work includes physical exaggerations and contortions that require strength, flexibility and athleticism. The troupe is also noted for is playful, humorous style.

“We want to challenge the way audiences think about dance both physically and intellectually. We hope to give the people the opportunity to rethink what modern dance can mean,” added Kubovy. “In the Alden performance there will be a great range of movement, physical strength and storytelling for different tastes. The program will be rich and diverse”.

The Alden Theatre program from Pilobolus is expected to range from the magical, to the transformative, from the cool to movements with deep imagery as well as rich storytelling.

Some of the dances to be included are “On the Nature of Things” set to the music of Vivaldi with the dancers performing on a small circular space on top of a two and a half foot tall column to the music of Vivaldi. A signature piece entitled “The Transformation” will use a shadow screen to add mystery to the performance while “Automaton” will bring to life the story of a mechanized machine that wants to find its own humanity. “The Inconsistent Pedaler” will bring to life a woman who must continually pedal so that others have the energy to function, as well as “Sweet Purgatory” set to the music of Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony.

Photo by Robert Whitman.
Photo by Robert Whitman.

When asked about the physical, sometimes gravity-defying and athletic work of Pilobolus, Kubovy was exuberant when he said he always wants audiences to leave a performance with “a smile asking themselves, “wait a minute, that is modern dance?”

Oh, the name, Pilobolus, it’s from a fungus that propels its spores with extraordinary speed, accuracy and strength.


Pilobolus will be performing THIS FRIDAY April 17, 2015 at 8 PM at the Alden Theatre at the McLean Community Center – 1234 Ingleside Avenue, in McLean, Virginia. Purchase tickets online.

Note: The program contains nudity.


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