CityDance’s ‘DREAMscape’ is on May 9th at 8 pm at The Lincoln Theatre

Dance education, be it for the aspiring professional dancer or the recreational dancer, gives the student a myriad of gifts that apply to the technical field of dance, and various other arenas. Confidence, determination, and a strong work ethic are just a few of the positive benefits of dance training. However, in order to receive said training, and the benefits of that training, there is a financial hurdle to get over, which is an obstacle that keeps many from reaping the benefits. CityDance not only produces and presents professional dance and trains young dancers for professional careers; they also provide free dance education programs for thousands of students each year.


Rasta Thomas, DREAMscape co-producer had the following to say of CityDance’s gala initiative: “It is a pleasure to partner with CityDance once again to produce the 3rd annual DREAMscape Gala. Growing up in the DMV area I understand the importance of arts in our schools and I firmly believe dance can inspire and give a creative outlet for our community’s youth. I look forward to bringing together a splendid collection of professional dancers to provide Washington D.C. with a world class performance for such an important cause.”

CityDance’s “Un-gala” DREAMscape is on May 9th at 8 pm, at the Historic Lincoln Theatre. All proceeds from DREAMscape will support CityDance’s DREAM program, providing free after school, summer camps and performances to thousands of students each year. DREAMscape will bring dance superstars from around the nation to the Lincoln Theater to support CityDance’s DREAM program. The line-up includes BalletX, Bad Boys of Dance, Charlotte Ballet, Rasta Thomas, Fabrice Calmels, Rasta Thomas, and many more exciting performers. It is DC’s hottest dance and includes a VIP dance party with the artists after the show.

Kay Kendall, CityDance Board Member and Chair, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities said of the CityDance event: “DREAMscape is the “un-gala” of DC. It is a downtown experience for an uptown organization, with “best hits” of dance by stars from across the country and a wildly enthusiastic audience. It is a spectacular night of celebrating dance in the heart of DC!”


CityDance’s “Un-gala” DREAMscape is on Saturday, May 9, at 8 PM at the Historic Lincoln Theatre – 1215 U Street NW, in Washington, DC. Please consider attending and helping CityDance to bring dance education to a wider audience of students in the DMV.


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