‘Game Show’ Opens on August 2nd at Jewish Theatre Workshop by Ariella McCown

Jewish Theatre Workshop‘s production of Game Show is just a few days away before our opening this Sunday, August 2nd at 2 pm, and we couldn’t be more excited than if we’d won a brand new car! This witty, wacky show is full of heart, and some of the most off-the-wall trivia questions you’ll hear in the theatre this year. Watch and root for your favorite contestant to walk away with $25,000 – or a year’s supply of Rice-o-roni.

The cast of 'Game Show' in rehearsal:  Rachel McGrain, Avraham Sonenthal, Rosemary Raun, Taylor Ann Gonzalez, Benjamin Badorf, and Jean Fiumara. Photo courtesy of Jewish Theatre Workshop.
The cast of ‘Game Show’ in rehearsal with Director Etan Weintraub: Rachel McGrain, Avraham Sonenthal, Rosemary Raun, Taylor Ann Gonzalez, Benjamin Badorf, and Jean Fiumara. Photo courtesy of Jewish Theatre Workshop.

The Jewish Theatre Workshop is a Baltimore based company committed to creating artistic opportunities for everyone in their community. Starting out as a way for the Jewish community to participate, the company has grown into a vibrant, inclusive group. Cast member Mike Turniansky says, “It’s great to see a whole bunch of new faces…I anticipate a lot of fun will be had by the audience and the cast alike.”

Producer Ariella McCown says of the production “I’ve never been at a tech rehearsal where the cast was consistently cracking themselves up. You can tell they are having a blast on stage, and it’s infectious”.

This season, they have come together as a group to present Game Show as a theatre event that they are taking on the road. For the first time in company history, JTW will be performing at the Owings Mills Performa and making their debut on Wednesday, August 5th, at the B’nai Israel congregation. This collaboration enables JTW to connect with Jewish Baltimore and the downtown theatre community like never before. The company hopes that this will be the first of many productions in this downtown venue.

In addition to this, on Sunday, August 16th the JTW will offer a sign language interpreted performance. This was made possible by the generosity of the Jewish Advocates for Deaf Education and the CCBC Interpreter Preparation Program.

Audience members will not only get to see the backstage trials and tribulations of the five lucky contestants on King of the Mountain, a day time trivia fest helmed by wise cracking, toupee wearing Brad and his lovely assistant, Heidi the Mountain Girl. The small company has also turned this into a multimedia event, as the audience will also get to see the contestants vie for the prize via a video feed.

Director Etan Weintraub says, “One of the things I am really excited about for this play is the multimedia. Whether it be from having the logo for King of the Mountain on the screen, or a full previous episode of King of the Mountain (featuring our crew as contestants), this is a really cool thing we’ve done, and will really help enhance the show, and the audience’s experience.”

So how many hits did Babe Ruth hit for the Yankees? What is the capital of Australia? As cast member Taylor Gonzalez says, “You’ll find out when you “come see Game Show and be ready to want to see it again!”


Game Show plays at The Jewish Theatre Workshop performing on Sunday, August 2nd at 2 pm;Wednesday, August 5th at 7 pm;Sunday, August 9th at 2 pm; and Sunday, August 16th at 2 pm. The Sunday August 16th performance will have Special ASL Interpretation.

The Sunday August 2nd, 9th, and 16, 2015 Performances are at:
The Morstein Performa
Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC
3506 Gwynnbrook Avenue
Owings Mills, MD 21117

The Special Wednesday, August 5, 2o15 Performance is at:
B’nai Israel Congregation
27 Lloyd Street
Baltimore, MD 21202


For tickets, purchase them at the door. Online sales are closed.


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