2016 Capital Fringe Preview #40: ‘It Will All Make Sense in the Morning’ by Patrick Miller

We knew it had to be the blood eggs.

When you’re only given four minutes to present your play at the Fringe Preview night, it focuses you. You’ve been immersed in a rich, funny, tragic, touching world, and suddenly you’re asked to distill it to a moment, an image, an essence. For us, that meant the blood eggs.

But blood eggs aren’t the reason you should see It Will All Make Sense in the Morning. Rather, they aren’t the only reason you should see it. I mean, if blood eggs are all you need, then definitely come, you will love it.

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It Will All Make Sense in the Morning is the latest original work from The Coil Project, which brought #SEXTS to Fringe last summer. This a very different show, but again exemplifies The Coil’s commitment to originality, collaboration, and risk.

And this is a risky show. #SEXTS was easily the most successful show in The Coil’s history. So we decided to go in a completely different direction this year. Stupid? Maybe. But certainly risky. It’s also probably the most technically complex show The Coil has staged (those blood eggs aren’t going to lay themselves).

But it’s a risk we wanted to take because Erica Smith gave us a beautiful script that gives our actors and designers a chance to unleash some powerful art.

This is a dream play (#dreamplay – we haven’t totally abandoned the hashtag thing), or, more accurately, a nightmare play in which terrors buried away for 20 years are unleashed on the woman who was desperate to be free of them.

The dreams are what the give the play its shape, but it’s the “real” moments that give it its soul.

It’s the satisfaction of trying to help a friend, and the hopelessness of knowing when you can’t. The pain and regret of losing a lover, and the spark that might rekindle a flame. The crushing burden of the demons inside your head, and finding the strength to release them.

It’s also funny as hell.

We hope you will join us for this nightmare meditation (which is, incidentally, the name of our Black Sabbath cover band).

If you hated #SEXTS, come see something completely different. If you loved #SEXTS, come see what we are up to this year. And if you’re repulsed by the thought of blood eggs, don’t worry, they’re only in one scene – just look away when the carton shows up on stage.

We’re conveniently located right next to the Fringe bar. Perfect for grabbing a drink before the show, and catching up with us after. Trust me, we’ll be at the bar afterwards, in case you have some questions. You’ll probably have questions.  We hope you do. But, don’t worry, it will … well, you know.



Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre
1358 Florida Ave NE Washington, DC 20002

Friday 7/8 at 8:30 PM
Thursday 7/14 at 6:00 PM
Sunday 7/17 at 10:15 PM
Thursday 7/21 at 6:00 PM
Friday 7/22 at 7:00 PM
Sunday 7/24 at 4:15 PM

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