Full schedule of Quarantine Fest live play readings

Playwrights whose plays receive the most likes will receive cash rewards.

Quarantine Fest—an all-day marathon of live readings of flash-created 10-minute plays—livestreams Sunday, April 19, 2020, with 26 new plays from Adventure Theatre MTC and another 26 new plays from 4615 Theatre Company (see full schedule below). Professional actors from the DC Area will read the works, and playwrights whose plays receive the most likes will receive cash rewards.

10 am to 4 pm
Click here for new works by these 26 playwrights on Adventure Theatre’s Facebook page.

10:00 AM HOUR
DeSilva, Martha – Rain Check
Eramo, Peter – An Extraordinary Experience
Horowitz, Jacob – We Couldn’t Be More Apart
Levy, Lenny – The Arrangement
Menconi, Sophia – Pearl

11:00 AM HOUR
Ribler, Ben – The Stallion Express
Graf, Joe – Short-Distance Relationship
Indrisano, Stephen – What We Inherit
Smithers, Amber- Storge

12noon HOUR
Iglesias, Adrian Jesus – DA’U’s Thirteenth Birthday!
Donohue, Cathy – The Family Storm
La Nasa, Charlotte – Left Boot Right Boot
Caruso, JT – A Good Day at the Market
Moran, KJ – Annie’s Book Club

1:00 PM HOUR
Cox, Nicole – Just Dessert
Mukerjee, Kaushik -Virtual Backgrounds
Abernethy, Scott Ward – Saving the Date
Haller, Olivia – Springtime

2:00 PM HOUR
Keng Strasser, Gregory – Together Apart
Shrater Seemann, Robyn – The Cookbook
Dzida, Rebecca – Winternet is Coming
Patterson, Keegan – Sarah and Ethan in Neverland
Villanueva, Hope – Threshold

3:00 PM HOUR
Lynch, Michelle – The Noise
Washer, Richard – In the Beginning
Edelen Simpson, Sherri – Wandering Gander
Russ, J R – Game On
Abelman, Brett – In The Gears

4 pm to 10 pm
Click here for new works by these 26 playwrights on 4615 Theatre’s Facebook page.

4pm Group:
Nicholas MIchael Bashour-“Alexandra, Play”
Ricky Drummond-“The Birthday Boy”
Rahima Rice-“Post Pandemic Party”
Jonathan “Jack Jack” Benjamin-“The Enemy”

5pm Group
Isabel Brodsky-“Bio-logical clock”
Craig Houk-“Lest Ye Be Judged”
Noa Gelb-“Waiting for God”
Colton Needles-“A Furloughed Engagement”
Andrew Scott Zimmer-“Together, A Part”

6pm Group
Michael Crowley-“Breezy”
Daniel Prillaman-“She Climbed Everest”
Morgan Smalley-“Peeing the Bed”
John-Nicholas Walsh-“A Good Old Fashioned Gay Home-Birth”

7pm Group
Asif Majid-“Until the Night”
Kathleen Akerley-“Turf War”
Rick Foucheux-“Theme Song”
Jeff Dunne-“Cleaving”

8pm Group
Doug Robinson-“Inbetween”
Amanda Zeitler-“Divine Virtual”
Kevin M Eggleston-“Clio”
Seth Rosenke-“Press Start to Pause”
Dani Stoller-“The Healers”

9pm Group
Jenny Oberholtzer-“The Home Office”
Ruthie Rado-“Shifting Sands”
Bella Panciocco-“My Angel”
Natalie Ann Valentine-“Gentle Sin”

The Backstory: After an open call for scripts from Adventure Theatre MTC, in partnership with District Dramatists and 4615 Theater Company, Quarantine Fest garnered more than 80 entries from writers in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Said Adventure Theatre Artistic Director Chil Kong, “The core of our craft, the magic that binds us in theater is the intense human contact that brings us all together. And though this pandemic has made it difficult for our amazingly creative artistic community to connect, this festival is another way to get as many theater artists in the DMV area to share their stories.”

The festival happened fast.

Competing writers who pre-registered by April 11 were informed the evening of April 13 of five “elements” of which a minimum four had to be included in their final script. Writers then had three days to write a 10-page script using those elements. Beginning Thursday, April 16, the scripts were passed to directors and actors who rehearsed the scripts Friday and Saturday before their performance Sunday.

Jordan Friend, Artistic Director of 4615 Theater Company, said of the April 19 online digital readings, “The artists in our community have an extraordinary way of making opportunities out of obstacles. This pandemic is an obstacle unlike any we’ve ever faced, but leave it to DMV theatremakers to face the challenge head-on. I’m so happy that we are partnering with Adventure in this initiative to keep our creative embers burning.”


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