Synetic Theater’s much-anticipated ‘The Decameron’ is now online

Company debuts its distinctive interpretations of tales first told during The Black Plague.

Paused a month ago out of respect for Black Lives Matter protests, Synetic Theatre’s much-anticipated original series The Decameron is back on the virtual boards.

Each day through the end of July, there will be three stories to stream, all inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron, a collection of novellas written in Italy in response to The Black Plague of 1347–1351. This designed-for-digital production will stream on Synetic’s website with pay-what-you-can ticket options starting at $10. Each ticket—available online—allows access to the full series, which can be watched at one’s own pace.

Originally published May 30, 2020:

Synetic Theater gives ‘The Decameron’ a timely twist

Synetic Theater, a leader in physical performance in Arlington, will present a digital adaptation of Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron, a collection of novellas written in Italy in response to The Black Plague of 1347–1351. The book is structured as a group of 100 tales told by young people sheltering in a secluded villa to escape the epidemic. The tales they tell range from life lessons and tongue-in-cheek commentary to erotic and tragic love stories. Synetic’s production will celebrate the human impulse to connect through storytelling in a time of despair and isolation.

To create The Decameron, the artists are each adapting one story remotely, while being mentored by other Synetic company members and members of artistic leadership to prepare the work for streaming. Audience members can choose their own experience through individual selections or pre-created playlists, or they can tune in beginning June 10 to experience the work, which will be released serially over ten days in honor of the source material. Afterwards, the full catalog will run through at least the end of the month. Pay-what-you-can ticket options start at $10, and full details are available on the Synetic site.

The cast of The Decameron (left to right, top to bottom) includes Dylan Arrendondo, Janine Baumgardner, Thomas Beheler, Justin Bell, Scott Brown, Kat Cárdenas-Cruz, Joe Carlson, Ben Cunis, Katherine DuBois, Anne Flowers, Will Hayes, Dan Istrate, Francesca Jandasek, Mandi Lee, Renata Loman, Joshua Lucas, Jackie Madejski, Joseph McAlonan, Marissa Molnar, Da’Von Moody, Karen Morales-Chacana, Alex Mills, Maryam Najafzada, Catherine Nunez, Valentina Palladino, Chris Rushing, Ryan Sellers, Raymond Simeon, Maria Simpkins, Rachael Small, Nusa Tediashvili, Chelsea Thaler, Dallas Tolentino, Victoria Tolentino, Scott Turner, Elena Velasco, and Emily Whitworth. Each creates the story they perform under the mentorship of a veteran company member.

Synetic Theater redefines theater by blending innovative techniques and movement, investing in artists’ growth, and creating unforgettable visceral experiences for every audience. The company was founded in 2001 and made its artistic debut with the first wordless Shakespeare production, Hamlet…the rest is silence, thrilling audiences with its athletic and high-voltage physical theatre. Synetic’s innovative take on Hamlet earned three Helen Hayes Awards—for Outstanding Resident Play, Outstanding Choreography, and Outstanding Director. Synetic also won dozens more Helen Hayes Awards, with over 100 nominations to date, and won recognition from the American Theatre Wing as an emerging theater company to watch.

Tax-deductible contributions can be made on the Synetic website.

Originally published June 10,  2020:

Synetic Theater delays ‘The Decameron’ out of respect for Black Lives Matter

Statement from Synetic Theater June 10, 2020:

We hear you.
In this past week, we’ve been reading, learning, listening, and engaging in conversations and actions about Black Lives Matter, and how we can better fulfill our mission to truly be a center for American physical theater that amplifies diverse stories. We are committed to continue this important work and more importantly, to take action. We recognize the past week is a short walk in our long march toward a better future, and we’ve already begun the journey.
Out of respect for this movement, we have decided to postpone the release of our digital production of The Decameron for a few weeks (exact timing to be determined as the national activism for black lives unfolds). This will allow our team, company, and extended community more capacity to listen and engage in activities to help us live up to our mission. If you have already purchased tickets to The Decameron, your tickets will apply to the new dates automatically.
We’re very excited for you to see these stories of community soon…,



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