NY PopsUp opens its June events in Union Square and on IG Live this evening

Because of the impromptu nature of pop-up events, NY PopsUp – an ongoing initiative to reactivate the performing arts and to revitalize audiences with surprise shows throughout the city and state – doesn’t always release its schedule in advance. But this week’s programming, beginning this evening (Tuesday, June 1), from 6-8 pm, has already been announced, and it’s one you won’t want to miss!

As posted on the festival’s Instagram page, Be More Chill’s Joe Iconis and Lauren Marcus (two of NYC’s most active artists, both individually and as a couple, since the easing of pandemic restrictions began) will perform in Union Square Park tonight. The theme of their set, starting at 7:30, is Piano Bar, so you can expect a few covers of cocktail lounge favorites from the super-talented and entertaining pair. The line-up will also feature pianist, vocalist, composer, and arranger Richard Baskin, Jr. and composer/lyricist and music director Will Van Dyke.

Fans are welcome to watch the live performance in person, free of charge, but if you can’t make it to Union Square on this beautiful evening, you can still catch the livestream. Either way, you’ve got one of the hottest tickets in town!

Also on this month’s upcoming calendar are two shows in the Bronx. On Saturday, June 5, the New York-based charanga band Orquesta Broadway will appear with dancers Eduardo Hernandez and Kaylee Barahona to bring their Cuban beat to Dawson Street and Rogers Place from 5-7 pm. And on Sunday, June 6, from 2-6 pm, multiple Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria – an award-winning drummer, percussionist, composer, arranger, conductor, producer, educator, documentary film maker, and bandleader – will present his signature jazz and Latin jazz sound with his Multiverse Big Band and Ascensión at 52 Park, in the South Bronx (where he was born and raised). Both weekend pop-up concerts are free to attend and will also be streamed on IG Live.


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