The Coil Project to open ‘Fiveplay’ about modern polyamory

A new play from local playwright Erica Smith in which being in a chosen family gets...complicated.

The Coil Project announces the April opening of Fiveplay at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW). A new play from Erica Smith (writer of 2014’s Come Out and Say It and 2019’s Stonefish) and directed by Sean Butler (2017’s Tiresias’ Tits), Fiveplay takes an affectionate look at polyamory and the modern family. Emerson’s dating Sawyer, who’s married to Monty, who’s dating Ray, who’s also dating Avery, who’s married to Emerson. And their friend Keegan lives with them too.

This is a show about a family — Venn House, six people who chose one another. Sure, sometimes poly people’s problems are about relationships. Sometimes they’re about jobs or money or haunted antiques. And sometimes family is even more complicated than it seems.

Fiveplay runs April 8–9, 15–16, and 22–23, 2022, presented by the Coil Project performing in the black box theater of the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop at 545 7th Street SE, Washington, DC. All shows start at 8 pm. Tickets ($20) can be purchased online.

COVID Safety: The Capital Hill Workshop requires that audience members remain masked (N95 or KN95) in public spaces of the building. CHAW’s complete COVID-19 Safety Protocols are here.

About the Coil Project: Build the best artists you can, and the art will take care of itself. The Coil Project is a bunch of artists of various backgrounds, at different stages in their career, collectively asking, “What happens when I do this?” Actors write, writers direct, directors design. Our rallying cry is “Make good art, make as much of it as you can, and don’t ask for permission from anyone.”


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