Family-friendly fun under the big top with ‘Circus Vazquez’ at NY’s Citi Field

Founded in Mexico City in 1969, the four-generations-old Circus Vazquez is now celebrating twenty years of performing in NYC since its first appearance in 1993, with an international cast of acrobats, dancers, daredevils, an MC, a live orchestra, and a clown that will keep kids and adults alike laughing and gasping, under the big top in Citi Field’s south lot in Queens.

Circus Vazquez. Photo by Deb Miller.

The entertaining family-friendly attraction contains a variety of comic shenanigans, breathtaking stunts, soaring aerials, balancing skills, dazzling choreography, and fun-filled audience interactions and participation, enhanced with colorful lighting, sound, and haze effects. Among the featured acts in the current show are Italian brother-and-sister duo Medini Xtreme Skaters roller skating and performing feats of acrobatics on a small circular platform; the Colombian duo Wheel of Wonder balancing, jumping rope, and doing a somersault on a spinning double wheel; six motorcyclists of the X Metal Riders speeding and weaving around each other inside a giant steel globe; Super Tumblers from Africa jumping and somersaulting over a large group of volunteers from the audience; and graceful high-flying segments by women on trapezes and aerial straps

Interspersed between the daring, astonishing, and graceful acts are introductions by the Master of Ceremonies (a member of the Vazquez family), dances by the Bingo Troupe in sparkling costumes, musical numbers by the band, and engaging bits of masterful clowning that include balancing a feather duster on his nose, getting into his clothes and make-up with the assistance of the dancers, juggling plates and conducting an orchestra with selected audience members, and singing “My Way” in ten different languages, to promote the show’s message of inclusivity.

Circus Vazquez Clown. Photo by Deb Miller.

Along with all the thrills and laughs, the audience has the options of taking photos with the circus artists, including a giant panda and polar bear, filling up on snacks like churros, popcorn, funnel cake, tortilla chips, and soft drinks from the concession stand, and bringing home light sticks and other Circus Vazquez souvenirs (all at an additional cost), to remember a special event that’s a delight for all ages.

Running Time: Approximately one hour and 50 minutes, including an intermission.

Circus Vazquez plays through Sunday, December 11, 2022, at Citi Field, Southfield Lot, 123-1 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens, NYC. For tickets (starting at $48.40-70.53, including fees), go online. Masks are not required.

Check out a sneak peek at Circus Vazquez here, in photos by Deb Miller and Ray Costello:


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