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Pinky Swear Productions: Theater by and for badass women

In a series called 'The Companies We Keep,' DC Theater Arts spotlights the good work done by theater companies in the DC region. This month we focus on a feminist company that promises meaty and desirable roles for women.

‘Power in service for others is real power’: Pearl Cleage on her...

In 'Something Moving,' the renowned playwright reflects on Atlanta’s first Black mayor, Maynard Jackson, for whom she was press secretary and speech writer.

Brandon Carter is charting the future of Shakespeare in Virginia

In a DCTA exclusive, the new artistic director of American Shakespeare Center shares his vision of a theater rooted in craft, community, and activism. By ANDREW WALKER WHITE

Flying V nurtures development of Tess Rowan’s ‘Static: Noise of a...

The work debuted at Fringe in 2022, where it won Best Musical and Best Ensemble, and will have public workshops on August 11 and 13. By DERYL DAVIS

2023 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘This Is What You Look Like’

No one and nothing will be left unmocked in this show.

2023 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘Onion Skin’

'I’m not alone in my battle with skin cancer; I have much to say about my experience.'

2023 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘Shut Up Martha’

A loud-mouthed political wife blows the whistle on the Watergate burglary, bringing down a president and (nearly) all his men.

2023 Capital Fringe Preview: Gilda: A Tribute to the Beloved Comedienne...

An homage to her hilarious characters and the story of a brave woman who used humor and laughter to get through the struggles of a life cut short.

2023 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘My Name Is Norma’

A solo show that explores the life of the controversial plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade.

2023 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘Mutu Sakata: My DC Story’

A fictional play based on the semi-real, fully imagined life of a Black Mississippi woman living in Washington, DC.

Julianne Brienza, prime mover of Capital Fringe, on making lemonade

In a series called 'The Companies We Keep,' DC Theater Arts spotlights the good work done by theater companies in the DC region. This month we focus on the Capital Fringe Festival and its visionary founding director.

2023 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘#Charlottesville,’ from Voices Festival Productions

A riveting solo drama capturing the human experience of what happened in Charlottesville in 2017, in firsthand narratives from people who lived through it.

2023 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘The Holy O’

An interactive solo show aiming to please audiences as it takes an honest, vulnerable look at women, sex, and spirituality. 

2023 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘Tender’ by David John Preece

Three literary legends — Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Zelda Fitzgerald — converge on an evening of emotional upheaval.

‘Will on the Hill’ returns a marvel at Shakespeare Theatre Company

Highlights from a night of magic with members of Congress and STC students.

Rorschach’s inventive ‘Dissonant City’ to culminate with ‘Angel Number Nine’

After months of boxes in the mail to be explored at one’s own pace, the story and audience will all converge to feel the music live and in person.

2023 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘Brunch with the Boys,’ a comic...

'Fast, loud, and funny has been our mantra for the show. We wanted a comic piece that features the grit of contemporary gay culture.'

‘Huge themes are the proper domain of theater’: a Q&A with...

The award-winning playwright and screenwriter on why he writes about life, death, and the soul.

Local producer Don Michael H. Mendoza goes Broadway with ‘Here Lies...

Signing on as a co-producer of the 'disco pop' musical fulfills the LA TI DO co-founder's dream in a very personal way.

‘Love and Vinyl’ to mix it up at KA-CHUNK!! Records in...

A music buff previews Bob Bartlett's new rom-com about browsing for records and romance, performed in a local neighborhood record store.