Interviews and Features

It’s still not time for theaters to quit mask and vax...

Continuation of COVID safety policies is crucial to local theaters’ economic health and survival.

The power of audiobooks: a novelist and a narrator tell how...

Thinking of getting paid to record audiobooks? Hear about it from a pro: Liz Wiley.

The stars align as Constellations returns to DC venue

On March 18 and 19, three chamber music concerts will take audiences on a journey from the depths of human despair to lofty joy.

‘I want to give you goosebumps when you’re at Mosaic’: Reginald...

Understudying Peter Marks at Mosaic Theater's season-reveal party, Ramona Harper asked the new artistic director new questions.

Start a theater in the time of COVID!? Rachel Felstein and...

They began a merry band that became Her Majesty & Sons, opened in August at the DC War Memorial, and now does 'Richard II' in a church.

Music at the Phillips Collection: innovation as tradition

In ten new commissioned works, musicians dialogue with visual art.

On PBS, Luke Frazier and his APO are DC’s musical ambassadors

Concerts by the locally-based American Pops Orchestra are appealing to audiences across the nation. Here's why.

Female comics stage a weekend ‘RIOT!’ at Kennedy Center

To preview the three-night comedy event, DCMTA chats with DC natives Brittany Carney and Jenny Questell.

‘I Am Shakespeare: The Henry Green Story’ part one: a review...

The film is a stunning documentary about a young Black man who triumphed as Tybalt on stage and was shot point-blank on his way home.

‘I Am Shakespeare: The Henry Green Story’ part two: the backstory

Interviews with Stephen Dest, director of the documentary, and Jeremy Goldman of Silhouette Stages, which is hosting a screening on March 12.

A Q&A with Francesca Zambello on WNO’s new opera, ‘Written in...

For Kennedy Center's 50th anniversary, the Washington National Opera takes on monumentalism.

Michael J. Bobbitt: ‘We can go further by being genuine and...

The former AD of Adventure Theatre talks about what he learned on his way to becoming the highest-ranking arts and culture official in Massachusetts.

Kathryn Tkel on playing Jackie Kennedy in ‘Change Agent’ at Arena

‘It’s a thrill ride to be able to play her, and to be able to talk about her like this.’

Will COVID safety protocols survive at local theaters?

As local laws no longer require masks and proof of vaccination, what will happen to the policies that have protected audiences and performers?

Theater J’s Johanna Gruenhut on why ‘Compulsion’ matters now

The director points to the role of antisemitism in the whitewashing of 'The Diary of Anne Frank.'

‘Writing is a political act’: Caridad Svich on adapting ‘House on...

For GALA Hispanic Theatre, her 'DC home,' she has scripted a new play based on a 'thorny and resonant' Puerto Rican novel.

A rap with RJ Brown, the slave player in ‘White Noise’...

You cannot watch his performance in this shocking role without feeling agitated and aghast — and he was willing to talk about it.

‘To tell a Black story by a Black artist’: Henery Wyand...

Coming soon from Perisphere Theater: Tanya Barfield's play with songs traces the effects of American racism on a Black family from 1851 to 1995.

Hanging in and forging ahead at GALA with theater that matters

¡Pa’lante! An inspiring conversation about resilience with Executive Director Rebecca Medrano and Actor Ernesto Concepción.

Psalmayene 24 on ‘Dear Mapel,’ his elegy for a father he...

Shaped by memory and imagination, the autobiographical play by the award-winning writer and performer premieres February 2 at Mosaic.