Miřenka Čechová presents ‘S/he is Nancy Joe’ at Mead Flaspoint November 9-11th

Award-winning performer Miřenka Čechová brings her unique blend of movement style to the American premiere of her newest work, S/he is Nancy Joe in a series of preview performances at the Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint (916 G Street, NW in Washington, DC) from November 8-11, 2012.

Miřenka Cechová in ‘S/he is Nancy Joe.’

S/he is Nancy Joe is a movement and visual performance piece that combines hip-hop, pop, physical mime, contemporary dance and classical ballet with interactive comic book visuals, lighting, sound and spoken narrative to create an art form that is truly contemporary. S/he is Nancy Joe tells the story of questioning and gender identity in a way that is thought provoking, insightful and not to be missed!

Miřenka Čechová in ‘Miřenka Čechová in ‘S/He is Nancy Joe.’

Starring Miřenka Čechová. Set and Costume Design by Meghan Raham; Technical Artist and Lighting Design by Martin Špetlík, and Sound by Matouš Hekela.

For more information, go to Miřenka Čechová’s website. 

Email: [email protected]

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Read Susan Galbraith’s interview with Miřenka Čechová on DC Theatre Scene.


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