‘Fido’s Friends Unleashed’ for Beltway Barks! This Saturday, 6/8@10-2 Part 3: Sandy Bainum & Donna Migliaccio

DC Actors for Animals presents: BELTWAY BARKS
Where DC actors help DC animals find forever homes!

Lisa Baker Carrier with Michael J. Bobbitt and Bobby Smith and friends.
Lisa Carrier Baker with emcees Michael J. Bobbitt and Bobby Smith and the Animal Ambassadors. Photo by Virgil Ocampo Photography.

Lisa Carrier Baker, Founder, Beltway Barks DC Actors for Animals:

Lisa Carrier Baker.
Lisa Carrier Baker.

As I have grown into the DC theatre scene, I have been amazed by the amount of actors I’ve met who tirelessly volunteer, foster, transport, rescue and adopt animals in need. Being inspired by the work of Broadway Barks, it seemed a natural culmination of my two lives: theatre and rescue. When I approached Broadway Cares, Equity Fights Aids Producer Scott Stevens, I wasn’t sure what kind of a reaction he would have. I basically wanted to follow their format, helping the animals in our DC community. He said – go for it!  He was so supportive and gave me great advice and direction. This animal adoption event will represent 2 local major animal shelters and 4 thriving animal rescues in our DC metro area! Over 30 theatre companies are represented, as well as every university performing arts department in Washington! To say that we are excited about the possibilities is an understatement!


Mark your calendars for THIS Saturday, June 8, 2013 and go to our website for more details.

​Saturday June 8, 2013
10:00 – 2:00 at American University’s Eric Friedheim Quadrangle
“Showtime” is 11:00am – 12:30pm 

 Some of DC’s finest actors will perform and present our stars: the animals!

We hope to see you there!

Sandy Bainum:

Sandy Bainum.
Sandy Bainum.

There was always a dog in the house when I was growing up. There were those we found and those that found us. Our “strays” always seemed so grateful to have a home that they were loyal and loving pets. As an adult, my first dog was a wonderful English Black Lab. He was perfect in every way, affectionate, smart, and a good friend to my boys.  Eventually, he retired to our home on the Eastern shore where he lived out the rest of his life. After he died, it was too lonely in the house so I visited the Washington Animal Shelter where friends of mine were active on the board and as volunteers. The shelter was clean and light and the volunteers and workers were loving and devoted. Walking through the aisles, some dogs jumped up and down to capture my attention, while others slept. Then there were other sweet animals that cowered in the corner trying to not be noticed. After meeting several candidates, Poppy captured my heart and I knew she was the one for me. I was smitten, while Poppy was quivering with nerves. I was informed that she had an anxiety disorder and was on Prozac (oh my!) but after just one week in her new home on the Eastern shore, Poppy was drug free. She swims and runs all day and is happy as can be. And although I don’t get to see her everyday, the minute I arrive, she greets me with sloppy, wet kisses because I think she knows she stole my heart the very first moment I saw her.


Donna Migliaccio:

Donna Migliaccio.
Donna Migliaccio.

I’m an Army brat, and when I was in college my family lived near Honolulu International Airport. A scrubby beach road that marked the perimeter of the airport complex was a major “dump” site for unwanted animals. One day my youngest sister came home with a little female dog that couldn’t have been more than a year old. The dog had been abandoned and was dirty, tired and hungry but oh, so eager to be petted and loved. My dad gave her a bath and that’s when we knew we were going to keep her (the photo is of that momentous occasion). We named her Barky, and she quickly became the most popular member of our large and boisterous family. When we returned to the mainland, Barky came with us. Eventually all us kids left home, for college and jobs and marriage, but whenever we came to visit Barky was always there to greet us at the door. She died at the age of about 15, but for several years afterward my mother was convinced she could still hear Barky’s toenails on the linoleum and see her waiting at the door whenever a car pulled into the driveway. My participation in Beltway Barks is my small tribute to Barky – the best little dog that ever was.

Col. James A. Lillard, Donna's sister Margaret Lillard and Barky.
Col. James A. Lillard, Donna’s sister Margaret Lillard, and Barky.


‘Fido’s Friends Unleashed’ for Beltway Barks! on 6/8: Part 1: Lisa Carrier Baker, Michael Bobbitt & Debra Buonaccorsi.

‘Fido’s Friends Unleashed’ for Beltway Barks! on 6/8: Part 2: Evan Casey, Sherri L. Edelen, and Bobby Smith

Beltway Barks website.

Washington Animal Rescue League website.

Washington Humane Society website.



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