DCMetroTheaterArts Announces New Editor-in-Chief, Joel Markowitz Named Editor Emeritus

As Founding Editor Continues to Endure Debilitating Effects of ALS,
Revitalized Staff Regroups to Carry Forward His Vision

Metro DC (September 7, 2017)—DCMetroTheaterArts (DCMTA)—the website that covers more local performing arts than any other media outlet—today announced the appointment of a new Editor-in-Chief, Nicole Hertvik. For the last two years, Nicole has been a DCMTA Senior Reviewer, and also served as Associate Editor.

In a simultaneous announcement, Joel Markowitz, DCMTA’s Publisher and Founding Editor, has been named Editor Emeritus. The transition to new leadership will be smooth, ensuring that the successful media platform Joel built will continue to serve the theater community and carry forward Joel’s vision.

Joel Markowitz and Nicole Hertvik at the 2017 Helen Hayes Awards.

Though Joel was diagnosed with ALS in April and can no longer speak, he offered his written endorsement of the leadership change:

In the five-and-a-half years since I founded DC Theater Arts, it has been my honor and joy to cover the work of this exceptional, thriving theater community. As I transition to Editor Emeritus status to focus my energy on fighting the effects of ALS, I do so with confidence in our incoming Editor-in-Chief, Nicole Hertvik, who will lead DCMTA into the future with enthusiasm, grace, and my total blessing.

Nicole Hertvik, Editor-in-Chief, DCMetroTheaterArts.

In an earlier message to DCMTA’s staff, Nicole said,

For now there will be minimal changes. DCMTA writers will continue to cover shows and to file reviews as before. I will be working with Patricia Mitchell as managing editor; David Siegel as senior advisor; John Stoltenberg as communications advisor; and a new team member, Darby DeJarnette, who will handle advertising and marketing. The big difference will be that Joel’s guiding light will be a remembered one. But we shall all work to be worthy of the beacon that was.

Joel Markowitz receiving the Gary Maker Lifetime Achievement Award from Tim Treanor and Lorraine Treanor at MetroStage May 1, 2017. Far right: Joel’s brother Bruce Markowitz.


With a staff of more than 100 writers in Metro DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City, DCMTA covers not only Broadway shows, touring Broadway shows and locally produced professional theater but also community theater, and university theater, theater festivals, play readings, dance and music, and much more.  

A hallmark of DCMTA is not only the expansiveness of its coverage but also its inclusivity and commitment to opportunity. DCMTA intends to be every theatergoer’s resource, every theater artist’s ally, and every theater’s amplifier—a local publication of record where up-and-coming talent can be celebrated right alongside big stars.


Nicole Hertvik has a diverse theater background that includes acting, directing, playwriting, and dramaturgy. Having worked for many years as an international conference organizer and international education specialist, Nicole appreciates theater as the art form most conducive to exploring interpersonal and cultural issues. A lifelong writer, Nicole has a BA in English Literature from the University of Cincinnati and an MIA in International Affairs from Columbia University. She is currently working on an MPS in Journalism at Georgetown University. Find Nicole on Facebook as Nicole Hertvik, Instagram as @nicolehertvik. Email: [email protected] 


For all editorial inquiries, contact Nicole Hertvik, nicole@dctheaterarts.org. For advertising inquiries, contact Darby DeJarnette, [email protected]. For media inquiries, contact John Stoltenberg, [email protected].


  1. I am so proud to remain on DC Metro as New York correspondent. Joel helped me transitiion from memoirist, novelist, playwrigtht, actor, and librettist so that I could continue to work in the wonderful world of live theatre. I owe him so much, I wish him as bright a future as possible, and I send my congratulations to Nicole, who is such a worthy successor. Onward! Richard Seff .

  2. My best, most heartfelt wishes to Joel – I love you and appreciate our friendship. And, to Nicole, I’m here for you – as a writer, friend and someone who’s been down the Mom Path.

  3. I am reading this announcement with a laughing and a crying eye, as one would say in German. Sad that Joel can no longer speak, but happy that his mind is as sharp as ever. Happy also that Joel appointed Nicole Hertvik as the new editor-in-chief, a woman who not only has a stellar background in theater and a proven track records as a writer and editor, but also a colleague with a global perspective.

    Joel, I salute you, Nicole, and everybody who followed your vision and opened many doors to stages, small and large, along the East coast–and beyond.

    Warmest wishes to both of you, to all of you, from the city of brotherly love.



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