A fun and nerdy musical for kids, ‘Dr. Wonderful (And Her Dog)’ at Keegan

The interactive and offbeat show has book and lyrics by Lauren Gunderson.

To see The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (And Her Dog) is to go on an educational and humorous imaginary journey into space without ever leaving the intimate, cozy, exposed-brick Keegan Theater in Dupont Circle. The musical — book and lyrics by Lauren Gunderson, music by Bree Lowdermilk, directed and choreographed by Elena Velasco — is interactive, full of facts about the sun and planets, and it’s immersive, thanks to the projection throughout designed by Zavier Augustus Lee Taylor.

Christopher Rios as Newton, Ruth Elizabeth Diaz as Dr. Wonderful, and Delante Dates as Ben in ‘The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (And Her Dog).’ Photo by Cameron Whitman Photography.

Before the show begins, the nerdy and fun mood is set as songs like “I Am a Paleontologist” by They Might Be Giants play and theatergoers take in the fascinating set, which is a child’s bedroom illuminated with some glowy blue lights.

The musical then introduces us to some of the characters: Dr. Wonderful, played by Ruth Elizabeth Diaz; her butterscotch-loving and sarcastic dog, played with charm and irreverence by Christopher Rios; and her mom played by Carianmax Benitez. The plot boils down to Dr. Wonderful, a precocious and ambitious young woman wanting to prove herself as a “real” scientist. She gets her chance when a mysterious detective with a Brooklyn accent, played hilariously by Benitez, gives her a case to solve: figure out who or what will take away our beloved sun!

Christopher Rios as Newton, (back:) Ruth Elizabeth Diaz as Dr. Wonderful, and Delante Dates as Ben in ‘The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (And Her Dog).’ Photo by Cameron Whitman Photography.

Through song, imagination, and Dr. Wonderful’s constant explanations to her endearingly clueless dog, children will learn quite a bit. In the song “Super Science Man,” the audience learns about the sun in an interactive way. In “Fusion Gives the Power,” one of the best songs in the performance, the entire cast and audience are involved. We also meet Ben, Dr. Wonderful’s friend, and crush, played by a lovable Delante Dates, who becomes part of the crew. In the fun and funny “Rockin the Science,” which showcases Benitez’s strong and gorgeous voice, Dr. Wonderful’s mom gives her permission and the gang embarks on their imaginary trip through our solar system.

Dr. Wonderful, her dog, and Ben do solve the mystery (it’s a natural phenomenon, not an evil sun thief), and that’s where the 3-D glasses given out before the show come in. One of the last songs is “Wow,” a pretty song that aptly describes the audience’s reaction to this offbeat and educational musical. After returning to earth and the Keegan Theatre, the entire gang, and the audience along with them, have a lot more knowledge about space, and possibly a craving for a “butterscotch pizza dog,” too.

Running Time: 60 minutes with no intermission.

The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (And Her Dog) plays Saturday, July 16, at 1 pm; Monday, July 18, at 7 pm; Tuesday, July 19, at 7 pm; Saturday, July 23, at 1 pm; and Sunday, July 24, at 7 pm presented by Keegan Play-Rah-Ka performing at Keegan Theater, 1742 Church Street NW, Washington, DC. Purchase tickets ($27) online.

COVID Safety: In an effort to keep patrons, artists, and staff safe and healthy, Keegan requires masks and proof of vaccination. Keegan’s complete Current Health & Safety Policies are here. 

Music Direction by Matty Mitchell; Lighting Design by Venus Gulbrason; Sound Design by Cresent Hayes; Sound Engineering by Michelle Janota; Set and Props Design by Cindy Landrum Jacobs; Costume Design by Imari Pyles; Hair and Makeup Design by Craig Miller; Master Carpentry by Matthew J. Keenan; Stage Management by Rachel Crawford, assisted by Olivia Springberg.


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