‘Together we Go-Go!’: GU announces 2023/24 theater season

DC's native music genre inspires a season of cutting-edge performances by Theater and Performance Studies Program and Black Theatre Ensemble.

Georgetown University’s Department of Performing Arts, Theater and Performance Studies Program and Black Theatre Ensemble are jamming together at the Davis Performing Arts Center, celebrating DC’s official music, go-go. Its unstoppable beat, commitment to community, and sense of resilience inspire the season. So don’t mute your talent, make some noise, take up some space, and enjoy cutting-edge performances all year long!

Georgetown University’s Department of Performing Arts
Theater and Performance Studies Program
2023/24 Season
In partnership with Black Theatre Ensemble

Making a Go-Go Band: a new musical
Created by GU Students & Local Artists
With Charles “Shorty Corleone” Garris & Natsu Onoda Power
November 9-18, 2023
Gonda Theater

The Department of Parks and Recreation’s Crank Music Program gives DC youth hands-on learning experience in DC’s native music genre, Go-Go. Members of the program spend a semester at the Davis Center, jammin’ with Georgetown students to create a new, one-of-a-kind theatrical performance.

Our Dirty War: a new play
TPST Thesis
Written by Camila Madero
October 25-29, 2023
Devine Theater

Our Dirty War is a deeply intimate exploration of the Argentinian community in the 1970s, when thousands disappeared under the regime of a brutal dictatorship. Through dialogues with her father, Robert Madero, the playwright reimagines the tales and characters of the past. A poignant tribute to her father’s strength, the play celebrates the transformative power of storytelling to heal.

When Two Hands Meet: An interactive performance event
TPST Thesis
Created by Shakeer Hood
March 20-23, 2024
Immersive, Davis Performing Arts Center

Follow the protagonist, a young, black, and queer individual, who must glean through history to find truth, identity, community, and purpose. Through spoken word, music, and dance staged in found spaces in the Davis Center and beyond, the audience is invited on a journey of self-discovery, joy and freedom.

Hurricane Diane by Madeleine George
Directed by Michael T. Williams
April 11-20, 2024
Devine Theater

Meet Diane, a butch gardener from Vermont with a down-to-earth swagger that belies her true celestial identity—the Greek god Dionysus. She’s determined to manifest a world where every yard is a permaculture, restored to its natural state and capable of sustaining itself. Where better to gather mortal followers in her environmental battle than with four housewives in a suburban New Jersey cul-de-sac? Part Greek comedy, part lesbian pulp fiction, part ecological thriller, Pulitzer Prize finalist Madeleine George hilariously eviscerates the blind eye we all turn to climate change. Bacchanalian catharsis awaits us, even in our own backyards.

Tickets to each of these performances are FREE and links to reserve seats will be distributed in the fall.


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